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5 Cities in South Africa for Digital Nomads

south africa for digital nomads
Written by Teresa Mwangi

Remote working is now a global phenomenon people are embracing globally and South Africa for digital nomads is taking the African crown.

South Africa wins on many fronts of infrastructure, tourism, economy and size. But its digital nomad visa has pulled in over 10,000 nomads from different parts of the world. Over all, it has the infrastructure and environment to support this developing phase of the global market.

Is South Africa Good for Digital Nomads?

South Africa is a paradise for digital nomads. There is an estimated 10,000 people working remotely from Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Bloemfontein to Durban and other major cities. Nicknamed ‘Mzansi’, this South African country presents Europe in Africa. This number wasn’t as high years ago but the government has implemented policies favouring South Africa for digital nomads.

Why South Africa for Digital Nomads?

south africa for digital nomads

A digital nomad enjoying the scenic views of South Africa. Photo/Travel

Would the pristine city of Johannesburg or the revered Kruger national park make you fly down south? Most probably. But there is more to why digital nomads have South Africa as a top destination. Here is why.


South Africa for digital nomads is partly because of its affordability. The country has comparatively cheaper cost of living as compared to many Western countries. Most of them leave Europe and North America to make financial progress.  Accommodation, transport, food are cheap compared to the west and some other African countries.


The land of the Zulu people offers digital nomads unique leisure alternatives with its abundance of wildlife and adventurous activities. The nation has globally renowned natural beauty, ranging from the famous Table Mountain to famous national parks and wildlife reserves. All of these provide a background for outdoor activities that promote a healthy work-life balance.

Developed Infrastructure

Urban areas such as Johannesburg and Cape Town have created infrastructures guaranteeing digital nomads access to basic facilities and services. Modern co-working spaces, public transportation, and well-kept roads all contribute to a friendly remote work environment.

Internet Connectivity

Wide spread and reliable internet connection is behind the South Africa for digital nomads campaign. Remote work requires a robust and expansive internet connection. High-speed internet is available in major cities’ cafes and co-working spaces, facilitating smooth communication and productive work processes.

Cultural Diversity

Cultural diversity enhances the whole experience of working remotely in this part of Africa. The history and multiculturalism here gives a dynamic backdrop of interaction. From norms and traditions to food and music; you will enjoy every bit of being here.

south africa for digital nomads

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex Prince Harry and Meghan in South Africa. Photo/National Geographic

How Do I Become a Digital Nomad in South Africa?

South Africa for digital nomads has a special 90-day visa that guarantees your stay here hassle-free. You need the following documents to fulfill your remote working dream in Southern Africa.

  • A passport that is up to date
  • Upon arrival, your passport must still be valid for three months.
  • Evidence of accommodation
  • You must present a lease, a hotel reservation, or a rental agreement to back proof of accommodation
  • Health coverage
  • Evidence of income
  • Evidence of employment

How Much Bank Balance is Required for South Africa Visa?

A Visit Visa requires a minimum of R 3,500.00 ($185) per applicant in financial requirements. This implies that in order to pay for your expenses while visiting South Africa, you must have at least R 3,500.00 in your account each month.

This policy is fair to many nomads who can meet the minimum financial requirements required to get the digital nomad visa.

Is Cape Town Safe for Digital Nomad?

Cape Town ranks as top destination for digital nomads and this indicates that it is safe. However, there are the usual break-ins and other crime-related activities as it is with every other major city across the world. Working remotely from Cape Town is so much fun because due to its stunning scenery and a vibrant culture.

It offers the best views of Table Mountain which is a sight to behold. Subsequently, life in Cape Town is affordable with some of the best co-working spaces set up in beautiful malls across the city. The Hub and The Bridge are among the places where you find the best co-working spaces in the city and the best for networking purposes.

Last but not least, the city’s nightlife is vibrant and unrivalled. It treats both locals and foreigners to the best of South African life.

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