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Luxurious Kenyan Lodge Where Phones, Internet Don’t Exist

Tassia Lodge Laikipia
Written by Teresa Mwangi

Life is fast-paced and there are moments you feel that you need to pause and reset. One amazing place to head out to is Tassia Lodge in Laikipia, where you disconnect with the world and reconnect with nature and yourself.

By location, this lodge perched on a rocky hill in Lekurruki Conservancy has no internet connectivity or phone signal reception. This allows you to fully focus on yourself as long as your stay. The wilderness surrounding it gives the elusive serenity that many people do not find easily.

It is a mesmerising haven that combines unspoiled nature with unrivalled luxury. The lodge’s special charm and dedication to sustainable tourism get you right from the moment you arrive.

Tassia Lodge 3

Tassia Lodge. Photo/Concierge Nairobi

Since it is perched on top of a hill, you get to enjoy panoramic views of Mount Kenya and the expansive conservancy grassland beneath. You are soon enveloped in the majesty of unspoiled Africa. Moreover, the eco-friendly architecture of the lodge effortlessly blends with its surroundings, fostering a feeling of peace and serenity.

Tassia Lodge Laikipia offers an intimate and unique experience where individualised service and attention to detail are key, with just six stone and thatch cottages.

What to Expect at Tassia Lodge

Although you disconnect from the rest of the world, your stay in Tassia doesn’t get boring. Engage in exhilarating game drives, escorted walks, or horseback safaris to get up close and personal with the various animals that are free to roam around the conservancy. Massive wheat fields as you approach Borana Conservancy on your way to Lekurruki Conservancy treat you to phenomenal sights of wildlife.

There are a lot of elephants, antelopes and giraffes among other animals in addition to stunning views of the region’s rolling, golden hills. Even better, interact with the local Samburu population and learn about their customs and develop an understanding of their close ties to the earth. Meals are another delectable thrill. Each meal represents the hospitable culture of the surrounding community and promotes healthy eating. The lodge organically grows all of its food.

Sundowners while watching the African sunset cap it all. A chance to be here encapsulates the need to fully embrace an immersive safari experience.

Tassia Lodge Rates For Non-Residents

This 60,000-acre eco-lodge charges between $600 – $700 for a single room and between $600 – $1,200 for a double room per night. A cottage for children between 5-12 years old goes for $200 – $300 per night. There are a number of rock-carved chambers in the Lodge, and Rock Hyraxes can be seen roaming the grounds.

The six-roomy cottage suites at Tassia Lodge Laikipia can be configured for families. Beautiful and individually designed, each room has an attached bathroom with a shower. The bedrooms contain connections for charging electronics and solar-powered lighting. The bathrooms come equipped with organic soap, body wash, body lotion, shampoo, and conditioner.

Since there is no phone signal or internet connection in the rooms; the lodge has provisional emergency calls and emails. Other amenities at the lodge include a swimming pool with a horizon, a deck upstairs with yoga mats and art supplies, a gift store, an observation platform, a water hole, and a salt lick.

How Far is Tassia Lodge Laikipia From Nairobi?

Most guests prefer flying to Tassia from Nairobi. The aircraft flies directly to Lewa Wildlife Conservancy for an estimated 150 minutes. A short road drive from Lewa to Tassia follows.

 What Makes Tassia Lodge So Beautiful?

Tassia Lodge 5

Tassia Lodge. Photo/TassiaSafaris

The Lengishu Plains, Nesarge Mountains, and Lossos Hills are all visible from Tassia Lodge. You can always spot elephants from the lounge, which views out onto a watering hole. The interior design has a lot of bohemian chic elements and the environment remains untouched by human degradation meaning Tassia Lodge was designed with nature in mind.

Given how hot the area can get, the infinity pool that looks out over the watering hole was a terrific addition. The Lodge contains open areas that permit unrestricted airflow, which controls the temperature in the living areas. You’ll see that there aren’t any windows or doors, creating a continuous indoor-outdoor environment.

Further, this eco-lodge has several seating areas, all intended to be cosy, relaxing, and conservation backed. There are several seating areas, a dining space, a rooftop deck, a library, a bar area and of course the poolside cabana. To cap it all; self-catering reservations are possible. In other words, you bring your own groceries and have the in-house chef cook your meals.

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