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6 American Foods Africans Find Disgusting

What American foods do Africans find disgusting
Written by Teresa Mwangi

African food culture is something that always fascinates tourists from Europe and the US. But, do you ever pose and wonder what American foods do Africans find disgusting?

A popular tale has it that Africans inquisitively embark on a culinary journey unlike any other as soon as they set foot on American soil. Much as they immigrate to the US for greener pastures, the thrill of trying new meals is on the bucket list.

At first, confusion and intrigue kick in because the American food culture is very different from what Africa has. Talk of the affordable and readily available pastries, packed to capacity refrigerators full of different foodstuff. That’s a vivid description of how incredible it is to the mind.

However, the struggle between bonafide traditional foods and an array of new dishes always plays out. Today, See Africa Today takes a deep dive on what American foods do Africans find disgusting.

1. Mac&Cheese

Mac and cheese

Mac and cheese. Photo/Food Network

Mac&Cheese doesn’t sit in very well with a lot of African immigrants at first. A possible explanation for this is that many people have tasted this. It makes sense considering that the dish’s visual appeal alone stirs some seconds thoughts on whether to have it or not.

Essentially, it is a mixture of noodles covered in a colourful, gooey cheese sauce. Due to a lack of exposure to such a dish, the unusual combination can be a turnoff and many people who don’t use cheese back in Africa find the idea of combining pasta with dairy disgusting. Dairy products such as cheese and butter are pricey in Africa which makes them a reserve for rich Africans. Middle-income earners mostly use vegetable seed oils.

2. Frosting


Frosting. Photo/Tasting Table

Frosting has high sugar levels and it has zero nutritional value. It is used to garnish cakes and pastries. You get it in processed sweets, bad fats, and artificial additives. So, in what American foods do Africans find disgusting; it ranks high. Frosting ends up in chronic illnesses as a result of drastic weight gain.

3. Sweetened Iced Tea

Sweetened Iced tea

Sweetened Iced tea. Photo/Southern Living

The tea concept in Africa is a different concept. It is served hot, unsweetened, and with milk or spices in many African countries. In Morocco, for example, tea is a symbol of hospitality and unity. There are herbs and the signature mint flavour.

Therefore; serving a Moroccan immigrant sweetened, cold tea is nearly unacceptable. These elements play a part in why some African immigrants initially hesitate or show little interest in American iced tea.

4. Runny Egg

Runny egg

Runny egg. Photo/Dinner then Desert

Personal preference is always the kingmaker on this subject but it is unanimously a disgust for Africans. For starters, the texture of a runny egg isn’t so pleasant and it’s unheard of in many African homes. A breakfast meal with this means putting up with a sticky and slimy texture when the raw egg yolk gets to your mouth.

As much as egg consumption in Africa is insatiable, most of her citizens shallow fry it, cook it, boil or poach it. Moreover, some studies indicate that a runny yolk is susceptible to bacterial infection. Doctors cite that undercooked eggs are a haven for bacteria but that’s not the main reason runny eggs find themselves on what American foods do Africans find disgusting list.

5. Salad Dressings

what American foods do Africans find disgusting

American Salad Dressing. Photo/Wisconsin Cheese

American salad dressings seem a little strange to Africans due to their reserved culinary backgrounds. These salad dressings typically have more flavours and variety than classic dressings like vinaigrettes or straightforward oil and vinegar mixtures.

For people used to lighter, more delicate dressings, creamy dressings like ranch, blue cheese, or thousand islands prove to be overwhelming. They have a domineering texture with strong flavours which rub taste buds the wrong way.

African salads come in simple and plain flavours. You hardly find sour creams or sugar toppings in these salads as you do in the US where most things have artificial sweeteners.

6. Sweet Potato Casserole

Sweet potato Casserole

Sweet potato Casserole. Photo/The Spruce Eats

A sweet potato casserole meal gives you a flavour combination that is strange and unattractive when trying it for the first time. Americans prepare it by adding sweet potatoes to a mix of butter, marshmallows and other American sweeteners.

The taste is an extremely sweet meal with a rich flavour which is overwhelming in most cases for a ‘novice’. Furthermore, it squishy and mushy texture isn’t the most inviting of American foods.


Preferences and tastes are incredibly subjective and heavily impacted by one’s cultural background and culinary experiences. While some Africans find some features of American cuisine repulsive, it’s worth noting that they form a part of the American food culture. So, the next time you ask what American foods do Africans find disgusting, remember it’s just a matter of cultural difference and nothing more.

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