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My “Aha Moment” About Royal Chundu Lodge Zambia

Royal Chundu
Written by Teresa Mwangi

A lot is said about luxury destinations in Africa, but enough isn’t said about Royal Chundu Lodge Zambia. It’s serene with a perfect touch of a vacation.

Last I visited – the first time on recommendation by a childhood friend – I couldn’t believe being in the dark throughout. Tired from a flight to Lusaka and another journey to the lodge, all I wanted was a nice, long bath.

I had heard of how cool the bathtubs are with a glass of your favourite wine, and that’s all I needed. It lingered in my mind throughout the journey. Hardly was I five minutes in than soft-spoken, and all smiley staff requested I avail myself for a massage.

This swept me off because, at this point, I had already rated the lodge 10/10. I could tell there is a lot of exemplary feedback about Royal Chundu Lodge Zambia. For now, though, let me walk you through the memory lane of my stay here.

About Royal Chundu

Royal Chundu lodge Zambia

Royal Chundu lodge Zambia. Photo by Royal Chundu

To start with, Royal Chundu is an award-winning luxury lodge in Zambia, living up to the reputation of comfort in Southern Africa. It is the first Relais & Châteaux establishment in Zambia, with just 14 suites spread across two lodges.

The main River Lodge is a peaceful collection of apartments with thatched roofs that line the Zambezi River. A pool, bar, and unwinding common area are only a few feet away.

There is the second lodge; Island Lodge set up on an island in the Zambezi River. There are only four luxurious rooms, each with a large outside area, a dual-head shower, and a colossal king-size bed.

The  Experience at Royal Chundu Lodge Zambia

Royal Chundu Lodge Zambia serene nature is an absolute turner for anyone looking for luxury in silence. My colleague who introduced me to Chundu joked that if she decides to have more kids, then Island Lodge will be the place to conceive!

You can access the Island Lodge from the main River Lodge via a boat ride owned and operated by lodge. And it’s never a boring journey as you snack all the way for free. A boat ride gives you a clear view of the monstrous nature of Zambezi River.

The meals are satisfying and delicious. If you are a foodie, start it off with Zambian nshima and beef, mutton, fish, or chicken prepared to your liking. Evenings and early mornings can be chilly, necessitating a hot water bottle strategically placed in your bed.

This warmth sweetens your nap, and you barely encounter the low temperatures at night and during the day. What I also loved about this lodge is the staff are incredibly caring. Someone always dropped in to check if everything was okay or if I needed anything.

Yet again, this personalized service humbled me – someone caring about you while thousands of miles away from home is such a huge deal.

Royal Chundu Lodge

River Lodge. Photo by Yellow Zebra Safaris

Royal Chundu Lodge Zambia Awards

Royal Chundu Lodge Zambia gives you a true Zambian experience that benefits the community as well as the traveller. Sitting on the banks of the Zambezi River, which straddles the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, strike lots of allure.

The lodge was named the 9th Best Resort in the World and the 4th Best Resort in Africa in Condé Nast Traveler’s 2018 Readers’ Choice Awards. It describes itself as a peaceful retreat honouring love and family, peace in a remote location, unusual adventures, and neighbourhood empowerment.

Only 30 kilometres away, further downstream, are the rumbling, thundering, and burning Victoria Falls. The falls are a magical realm, with everything from a rainbow’s dance at a full moon to the cascade of one of the most amazing natural wonders in the world.

Why not head down and find out why this wonder, 30 km downstream from Chundu, is dubbed the Adventure Capital of Africa? Maybe, it’s because of its allure as the world’s greatest curtain of falling water seen in so many different ways.

Thanks to its enormous width (1,708 metres) and height (270 metres), towering above at 108 metres.

Given another chance, Royal Chundu Lodge Zambia would be my top pick. This time, I would make the trip down to Falls and see ‘the smoke that thunders’.

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