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King Charles III and Queen Camilla start 4-day Kenyan Visit

king charles iii visit to Kenya
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British monarch King Charles III visit to Kenya is no longer a promise but a reality after jetting in on Monday accompanied by Queen Camilla for a historic four-day visit.

The British King landed at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) shortly before 11 PM Kenyan time.  This is King Charles’ first visit to Africa as the king, a position he took over following the death of Queen Elizabeth II. She breathed last in September 2022.

What followed was the coronation of the 74-year-old as the British King at Westminster Abbey, in an event of its kind. He is the late queen’s eldest son.

When Did King Charles Arrive in Kenya?

King Charles III visit to Kenya came to be on Monday, October 30, 2023 minutes to 11 pm. The British Royal Air Force touched down at JKIA where they were profoundly welcomed before being whisked off to an unknown destination for the night. It is historical for Kenya because as a former Colony of the British, it is the first country in Africa he visited.

king charles iii visit to Kenya

British monarch King Charles III inspecting a Guard of Honour by the Kenyan military at State House in Nairobi. Photo/William Samoei Ruto/X

Queen Camilla and King Charles kicked off their four-day stay in Kenya at State House Nairobi where they got full military honours. President William Ruto engaged the King in a tete-a-tete on wide-ranging issues touching on Kenya-UK relations. Kenya’s First Lady Rachel Ruto engaged Queen Camilla at State House for the better part of Tuesday.

Which King is Coming to Kenya?

King Charles III visit to Kenya happened in October, six months after promising to visit this East African country that her mother loved so much.  In 1952, a then young, charming Princess Elizabeth made her maiden trip to Kenya which was then under British Colonial rule. She was accompanied by Prince Philip during this momentous trip which saw her monarch status change from princess to queen. It is during her vacation at Treetops Lodge in the Aberdare Ranges of Mt Kenya that she learnt of her father’s death back in the UK and she immediately became a full-fledged Queen.

The late Queen always had a soft spot for Kenya all through and she passed on this love to her eldest son.

Why is King Charles in Kenya?

King Charles III visit to Kenya is diplomatic in nature. According to a statement by President Ruto on his X account, he said that Kenya is angling for better relations with the UK.

Kenya and the UK are forging a robust alliance to bolster their future prosperity. The historic ties between the two nations have facilitated advancements in trade and investments, fostering steady growth. Their collaboration spans key domains including defence and security, education, and climate change, ensuring a shared and promising future.

The UK media reported in February that King Charles III’s visit is an attempt to make the Commonwealth a central component of his rule from the outset. English political pundits cited Kenya’s political, cultural and historical ties with the UK a major determinant for his Kenyan visit. Most Commonwealth member states are former British protectorates. Here is a breakdown of why Kenya is of paramount importance to the British Empire.

Before gaining independence in 1963, Kenya was a British colony, and this shared history with the UK and other Commonwealth nations continues to foster cultural and diplomatic connections. As a significant player in East Africa and a member of the Commonwealth, Kenya plays a pivotal role in shaping regional cooperation, trade, and political stability. The Commonwealth’s primary objective is to promote trade and economic cooperation among its member states.

Consequently, the Commonwealth facilitates commercial connections, investment opportunities, and knowledge exchange among its members, which ultimately contribute to economic growth and development in Kenya. King Charles III visit to Kenya carries political significance, as Nairobi actively engages in numerous conferences and summits as a Commonwealth member to enhance governance and political conditions, including democracy and human rights.

Kenya now has a global platform to engage in discussions and collaborate with other nations to address governance and political issues, fostering democracy and respecting human rights.

king charles iii visit to Kenya

British monarch King Charles III inspecting a Guard of Honour by the Kenyan military at State House in Nairobi. Photo/William Samoei Ruto/X

Has the Queen Visited Kenya?

Both Queen Elizabeth and presently Queen Camilla have visited Kenya. While it is the first time for Her Majesty to visit Kenya, the late queen visited twice; in 1952 and in 1983. Buckingham Palace announced that during their visit, the King and Queen will immerse themselves in the vibrant culture of Kenya, connecting with its young tech entrepreneurs and creative minds, as well as exploring the nation’s stunning forests and coastline.

Nonetheless, considerable attention leading up to the trip has centred on the issue of colonial rule. The palace has confirmed that Charles is anticipated to address and engage with “the more challenging aspects” of Kenya’s historical association with the United Kingdom.


It is a big deal for the two UK Majesties to be in Kenya weeks before the country marks 60 years of independence from British pre-colonial rule. The visit means a lot to the tech, trade and security sectors in Kenya.


  1. Where did King Charles go to university?

King Charles III attended the University of Cambridge, Prifysgol Aberystwyth University and Trinity College.

  1. What nationality is King Charles?

He is a British born in Britain in 1948.

  1. What is the real name of King Charles?

His real name is Charles Philip Arthur George.

  1. Who would be queen if Charles dies?

Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales would be Queen of Britain if King Charles III died because Queen Camilla is excluded from the Windsor Bloodline.

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