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8 Facts About Taita Women Proving They are Irresistible

facts about taita women
Written by Teresa Mwangi

There is so much that is fascinating about Kenya’s coastal region. Be it food, culture and their crisp Swahili language. But what is more fascinating are the unknown facts about Taita Women, especially on why they make good wives for Kenyan men.

Taita’s are the bonafide inhabitants of Taita Taveta County and they are more in the neighbouring coastal counties. Mombasa, for example, is home to this community since the city presents more opportunities economically.  Back in Taita Hills where they have settlements, agriculture, including livestock keeping is their main economic activity.

What are Taitas Known for?

Before we delve into facts about Taita women, this Bantu-speaking community from the coast is popular for its language. Distinct among them is their native Kidawida/kitaita language which they use interchangeably with Kiswahili as many other coasterians do.

Food? They have amazing traditional food and an enviable social setting led by Dawida, Sagala and Kasigau elders.

facts about taita women

A group of women attending a traditional Taita dowry negotiation ceremony. Phone/YouTube

What are the Facts About Taita Women?

What are the unique characteristics of the ladies from Southern Kenya where Taita Taveta County sits? Here they are.

Beautiful and Charming

A Taita woman is graciously charming. She is exceptionally gorgeous with all the qualities that tick the box for every man. In physique, they are chocolate in complexion and exude an admirable, ornate beadwork and hairstyle reflecting their deep cultural connection.

Their love for their cultural history is perceivable in the way they dress and carry themselves. They are one lot that takes great pride in their ancient beauty rituals passed down through the years.

Great Cooks

If you are a food enthusiast, head to a Taita home and enjoy sumptuous and highly nutritious meals.  Every young Taita girl knows her way around the kitchen and they will prepare anything you love effortlessly. Cooking is a big part of the Taveta community. Coming from an agricultural zone, cooking is by default a lesson every lady learns every day.

Family Oriented

The most phenomenal facts about Taita women is their innate family-consciousness mind. A man who has a Taita for a wife complains not about anything because they are everything you ever dream of.  A strong family is the foundation of the community and is necessary for the community’s overall well-being. As a result, Taita women are brought up to value their families above all else and actively participate in their maintenance.


Furthermore, Taita’s culture is strongly rooted in family focus. Taita women are brought up to be submissive, devoted, and nurturing spouses. Supporting their spouses and kids is a cultural norm that they are supposed to live by. This is a result of the Taita culture’s strong emphasis on the place of women in the family. They assume the role of the foundation of the family which they live by for all the days of their lives.


A woman from the slopes of Taita Hills has in-born confidence and self-sufficiency traits. It is among the stunning facts about Taita women. Young children in Taveta grow up with a notion of motivation and hard work to achieve their dreams. Their confidence trickles down to how they relate with people and their general outlook on life.


Entrepreneurship is at the heart of every Taita damsel you meet and it is natural. Parts of Taita Taveta are semi-arid or arid making life here difficult. Most people who live here depend on small-scale pastoralism to fend for their families. This hardship is double-edged; it sharpens the entrepreneurial spirit of most women brought to these areas.

They are resourceful, innovative and adaptable, attributes that are very crucial in the world of business.

Cultural Ambassadors

Every man needs a keeper and beyond that, he needs a woman who safeguards her culture and passes it on to posterity. This is no other than a Taita woman. You feel the Dawida culture in food, dressing and family maintenance.


If a young child grows up in a communal setting where humility is strictly upheld, expect this to reflect in their adulthood. That is exactly what you get from a woman from this coastal part of Kenya and it is a bare minimum.

Where Do Taitas Live?

facts about taita women

A group of Taita Women. Photo/Kwaela News Network

Taitas live in Southern Kenya, at the foothills of Taita Hills. They border Tanzania and intermarriage here is a common phenomenon. Their main economic activity is farming and livestock rearing. Some have huge ranches where they rear cattle and others practice small-scale cattle rearing.

Is Taita a Mijikenda Tribe?

While exploring facts about Taita women, it is also paramount to define that Taita is not a Mijikenda tribe. Rather, they are distinctive Bantu tribes, each having sub-tribes. For instance, the following three sub-tribes make up the Taita clans.

  • Wadawida
  • Wasghala
  • Wataveta

On the other hand, the Mijikenda sub-tribes include the following.

  • Chonyi
  • Duruma
  • Digo
  • Giriama
  • Jibana
  • Kambe
  • Kauma
  • Rabai
  • Ribe

In a nutshell, Taita women are exceeding gorgeous and they carry with them an irresistible charm. They are traditionally keepers and if you bump into one, just know your bargain is just right.

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