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9 Best Night Clubs in Accra for a Wild Party

Best night clubs in Accra
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Many people place a high level of significance on a country’s nightlife since it contributes to a more comprehensive understanding of its culture. Yet, the best night clubs in Accra give you all of this.

Accra, Ghana’s capitol, has an enviable partying life with a variety of activities and events tourists and locals enjoy in clubs. Talk of highlife and Afrobeats coupled with friendly people and you’ll understand why nightlife here is so lit.

The capitol teems with art, music, and a flourishing culture that you can’t have enough of when clubbing. Luckily, there are a dozen night clubs to visit and feel the thrill.  You undoubtedly experience and appreciate the allure of the country anytime you are in best night clubs in Accra.

The next time you visit Accra, add these night clubs to your bucket list.

Republic Bar and Grill Ghana

Best Night clubs in Accra

Best Night clubs in Accra. Photo/Pinterest

It’s well-known in Accra for its interest in art as well as other creative movements. Many say it’s a revolutionary spot in the city. The vibrant nightlife scene it creates regularly welcomes a rotating cast of talented musicians, ensuring that your evening is memorable.

Carbon Night Club

Best Night clubs in Ghana

Best Night clubs in Ghana. Photo/The Tab

Carbon Night Club is a well-known nightclub throughout Accra. Anyone who walks into it always cherishes it thereafter. Its setting makes it distinctive compared to a great number of other nightclubs.

Carbon is among the finest nightclubs in Ghana. It makes you appreciate the exquisite atmosphere as well as the cutting-edge architecture and interior design.


Best Night clubs in Accra

Plo7 in Accra. Photo/viewGhana

Plot7 is one of the best night clubs in Accra. It is the place to go if you enjoy dancing and if you are interested in discovering what the best night clubs in Ghana offer.

You find this club in Osu neighborhood, which is already famous for its energetic demeanour. You have a chance to taste some excellent cocktails. The live band is fantastic you get to dance for hours on end.

Rockstone’s Office

Best Night clubs in Accra

Rockstone’s office. Photo/Time Out

Ghana’s music scene is pretty fantastic. It’s not a surprise this night club has a restaurant and hosts live performances by local bands. The Rockstone’s Office patio is one of them which explains why it is one of the best night clubs in Accra. Different bands play here and weekends are pretty exciting.

Skybar 25

Best night club in Accra

Skybar 25. Photo/SkyBar

The Alto Tower, the tallest structure in the city, is home to the opulent restaurant and bar known as Skybar 25. It is on the building’s rooftop – it gives you many of the most memorable experiences because of the romantic atmosphere and the breathtaking panorama.

The bar’s blue lighting makes you feel active, and it encourages you to have fun and make the most of the night.


Best night clubs in Accra

Best night clubs in Accra. Photo/Trip Advisor

Afrikiko is the greatest spot to go in Accra if you are looking for a place that is not only romantic but also vibrant. By virtue of being among the best night clubs in Accra, you will look forward to the infrequent salsa nights, known to brighten the spirits of the guests.

They frequently provide dance sessions that include feature dance training for participants. In addition to that, the establishment serves delicious cuisine and beverages.

The fact that it is a hub for entertainment and that it offers a wide variety of culinary options that cater to different taste makes it a superb place to hangout.

Firefly Lounge and Bar

Best night clubs in Accra

Best night clubs in Accra. Photo/Travel coffee hot

This bar, is in the posh Osu neighborhood of Accra. It speaks a language that is synonymous with refinement. It is a pretty wonderful spot where you can enjoy your drink with some of the best crowds, and it also has some of the best drinks.

They offer an outstanding selection of both food and drinks on their menu. You should feel comfortable bringing your significant other to this location because it has a high level of luxury and they will enjoy the atmosphere here.

Firefly Lounge is a crown jewel of Ghana’s thriving nightlife scene.

Kona Café and Grill

Best night clubs in Accra

Kona Café and Grill. Photo/Visit Ghana

Are you the type of person who likes to drink locally brewed alcoholic beverages? If that is the case, then you have the ideal location.

This spot in the Osu neighbourhood of Accra, will make your list of recommendations for nightlife in Ghana. Palm wine and a beverage called asana prepared from caramelized corn are also available at this establishment.

It has an open-air setting and a fantastic atmosphere making it the nicest feature of the location.


Best night clubs in Accra

+233. Best night clubs in Accra. Photo/TripAdvisor

The excellent live music played here by local musicians is a huge draw for vacationers. They not only showcase local musicians but also accept submissions from talented artists from other parts of the world.

In addition to the live music, there is also an on-site restaurant that serves delicious meals. Guest enjoy the live performances while enjoying delicious meals making +233 one of the best night clubs in Ghana.

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