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5 Reasons Why Kenya South Africa Road Trip is Becoming Popular

kenya south africa road trip
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Kenya South Africa road trip is increasingly popular across Africa. More and more adventurers are taking up the challenge which is now more popular than it was years ago.

What has changed? Improved road network, security enhancement or more travel-by-road-adventure campaigns? All of the above have an impact on this growing phenomenon.

Why is Kenya South Africa Road Trip Popular?

Just recently, a Kenyan biker Waqho Hassan Boru, popularly known as Mustapha Konvict stunned East Africa with his epic trip. Mustapha is a speed bike enthusiast and he has always wished to ride from South Africa to Kenya. He planned the trip for a while and April 2024 became a special month for him as he rode his dream through.

He covered 6000km in his BMW R1200GS adventure bike and he loved the whole experience. The Kenyan biker now has a tall tale to tell about Kenya South Africa road trip. But why is it so popular? Here are five reasons why it is very famous.

kenya south africa road trip

Kenyan biker Mustapha Konvict recently covered a 6,000 km trip from South Africa to Kenya. Photo/Mustapha Konvict/Facebook

Varied Landscapes

Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique, Botswana and finally South Africa provide dramatic and varied landscapes. You travel through the savannas of Kenya and Tanzania, taking in the striking scenery of the Great Rift Valley, and ending in the modern towns and picturesque coasts of South Africa.

Diverse Experiences

The stretch between Kenya and South Africa has a lot of memories to make. Each country you pass through has something special to offer. The savannahs in Kenya and Tanzania are incredibly beautiful. Zambia is spectacular while Botswana is invariably breathtaking.

Good Infrastructure

A good transport network largely supports the adventure to and from South Africa. Of the 6000km stretch, most of it is in a very good state.

Border Crossings Opening Up

Border crossing can be a thorn in the flesh – it was years ago. However, things are slowly changing and border officials are now more receptive to travellers across the region.

Road Trips Campaign Success

At least a dozen people have successfully completed the Kenya South Africa road trip in the past and documented every step of the journey. Moreover, public transport has amazing travel packages from Kenya to South Africa. There is also an increasing portfolio of private tour entities plying the route and more and more people doing group or solo trips.

How Much Does a Road Trip to South Africa Cost?

The cost of the trip to and from South Africa varies as there are many factors that dictate the cost. For example, a bike will consume less fuel than a car. Secondly, the route you choose also determines the ultimate cost of the trip. These are the most popular routes.

  • Eastern Route – It is the most popular and measuring 4,942km (3,071 miles) passing through Tanzania-Zambia-Botswana-Zimbabwe. Incidentally, it is also the most expensive route due to high visa costs in some border points.
  • Western Route – This route passes through Namibia, Zambia, Botswana, Rwanda, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Uganda. It is shorter compared to the Easter route with about 4,700km 2,920 miles) to cover. Additionally, it is more adventurous but only a few people opt for it.

For Mustapha Konvict who recently covered the 6000km Kenya South Africa road trip, his budget was $1,750 (Ksh230,000). Much of this money goes to accommodation, food and fuel. In 2019, just before the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, another wanderlust, Farhana Oberson travelled to South Africa by road.

kenya south africa road trip

Wanderlust Farhana Oberson. She travelled to South Africa by road in 2019. Photo/Farhana Oberson/Instagram

Oberson covered 5,700km on a total budget of $8,100 (Ksh810,000) together with six other friends on board her Toyota Landcruiser. She followed the Western route but chose Mozambique as her entry point to South Africa seven days later. Her budget was incredibly high because they travelled as a group and her car of choice is a fuel guzzler. Besides, she made stops at different parks and some of the charges were exorbitant.

If you choose to use public transport, the trip from Nairobi to South Africa will cost at least $200. Bus travel is more affordable but more rigid compared to a solo ride or solo drive.

Are There Challenges to a Road Trip to South Africa?

Weather changes, rogue clearing agents at the borders and currency exchange are some of the challenges you could encounter on the Kenya South Africa Road trip. According to Mustapha, extreme weather patterns – heavy rainfall or too much heat – present a challenge during the trip.


Kenya South Africa road trip is more than possible. You can choose to use buses or self-drive all the way. Whatever your preference is, be sure to enjoy the trip.

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