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7 Famous Buildings in Nigeria the World Adores

Famous Buildings in Nigeria
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As Africa’s largest economy ‘Naija’ has a lot to show and the most fascinating thing besides music is the famous buildings in Nigeria.

This West African Country has the highest population in Africa with 206 million residents. With such a population, the need for development is rife.

Thus, the reason why its major cities such as Lagos and Abuja house iconic buildings you can’t help but marvel about.

Besides, Nigeria is the largest African oil producer and the 10th largest in the world. There are at least 1.39 million barrels of oil produced daily here.

Such numbers explain the rapid rate of development here – much so going to infrastructure.

What is the Most Beautiful Building in Nigeria?

Famous buildings in Nigeria are a result of a simple principle; using easily available and locally sourced building materials. Then, enlisting modern architectural ideas enhances Nigeria’s cultural legacy.

Several distinctive and iconic structures dot the skyline of this West African nation and are also major landmarks. Here they are:

Kingsway Tower

Famous Buildings in Nigeria

Kingsway Tower. Photo/Arch Daily

This 15-story glass and aluminium building in Ikoyi altered Lagos’ skyline. Twelve storeys of business offices overlook this city. Two floors are high-end retail while it four-story basement parking fits 343 cars.

The building’s design is stunning and functional. The architect considered Nigeria’s tropical environment and used a north-south orientation to avoid sun glare all day. Vertical plants and shade screens lessen heat load.

The entrance’s curved podium slab piques curiosity about the building. This slab works as a canopy over the sidewalk, making the lobby appealing and cool on hot days.

Along the building’s principal façade, the architect designed curved curtain walls. Exterior sunscreens and low-emission double-glazed windows fascinate a lot.

High ceilings keep the facility cool regardless of outside conditions. Natural wood panels and Italian flooring make this one of Nigeria’s top buildings.

Ship House

Famous Buildings in Nigeria

Famous Buildings in Nigeria. Photo/Hotels NG

The Ship House is among the famous buildings in Nigeria. It houses the Federal Ministry of Defense, with a huge military strength display. The Army, Air Force, Navy, and other defence services and departments are domiciled in this building.

This gigantic structure brew controversy since its construction. Some think it’s a beautiful, functional design while others think it’s a modern monstrosity that was a waste of resources and space in Abuja.

National Theatre Lagos

7 most beautiful buildings in Africa

National Art Theatre Lagos. [Photo courtesy]

Located in Iganmu, Lagos, the National Theatre is a marvellous structure. It was built in 1976, but despite its age, this impressive structure boasts a level of craftsmanship making it stand among the country’s recent skylines.

It’s home to Nigeria’s art and culture in the Techno Exporstroy building, designed and built by a company in Bulgaria.

This building bears witness to the military rule of Yakubu Gowon and Olusegun Obasanjo, who built it during their respective terms in office. In addition, it has a capacity of 5000 people.

With a stage that folds away, it has two movie theatres, wall carvings, and sculptures that tell the story of Nigeria’s diverse cultures. It is among the famous buildings in Nigeria.

Cathedral Church of Christ in Lagos

Famous buildings in Nigeria

Famous buildings in Nigeria. Photo/Wikipedia

Cathedral Church of Christ’s beauty will last for decades despite being erected in the 1940s. Bagan Benjamin first lay the design of this church on November 1, 1924. It took 21 years to build it and it still stands tall.

It is always repainted every few years to resemble other modern buildings in the area.

Akwa Ibom Digital Library

6 magnificent building designs in Nigeria

Aerial view of the Akwa Ibom digitalibry in Nigeria [Photo by Pinterest]

Since its establishment in 2012, the Akwa Ibom Digital Library became the largest of its kind in West Africa. The designer of this library took into account how people might use it in the future.

The structure receives adequate lighting because of the predominant use of glass rather than concrete.

The Civic Centre

Famous Buildings in Nigeria

The Civic Centre. Photo/Visit Nigeria Now

The Lagos Civic Centre is a stunning piece of architecture. James Cubitt who designed this stunning edifice attributed the inverted construction to the small plot of land.

Seminar rooms and offices are positioned on the middle and upper floors, respectively. Three banquet halls and two meeting rooms are also available in the facility. These upper-floor facilities have a stunning outlook of the lake and a bird’s eye view of Lagos.

Its splendour makes it one of the most famous buildings in Nigeria.

The Central Mosque in Abuja

Famous Buildings in Nigeria

Famous Buildings in Nigeria. Photo/IQNA


Visiting the Abuja National Mosque is a common part of city tours in the Nigerian capital. It is one of the world’s top 50 most beautiful religious centres and a famous tourist destination. Despite being kilometres away, this mosque’s distinctive golden dome and four minarets are easy to see from afar. 

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