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7 Best Beaches In Lagos You Must Visit In 2021

Landmark Beach Lagos
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There is something innately amazing about Lagos, a bustling city in Nigeria with almost everything under the sun but the beaches here are something to write about.

Beaches in Lagos are widely run and managed by private entities. There would be nothing to talk about your visit to Lagos if you fail to spend some time on the beaches dotting the oceanfront mostly in Lekki. 

Where and which beaches to visit are the charming factors that stir your enthusiasm upon landing in this great city known for cultural fetes, book events among other things.

With a population of more than 36 million people, be sure to get a great feeling of a densely populated but vast city that winds up in the great blue waters of the lakes. The people here are friendly and they will pass down a thing or two about Lagos

Where to visit

One of the outstanding factors about Lagos is its proximity to large water bodies and the ocean in general. Without saying much, beach life in the suburbs of the city is incredible.

1.Jara Beach

Jara Beach

Jara Beach. [Photo: jarabeachresortng]

Jara Beach Resort has won the merit of ranking among the best resorts in the city. Everything about this place is amazing, especially moments at the beachfront.

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  1. La Campagne Tropicana
La Campagne Tropicana

La Campagne Tropicana. [Photo: eresi_kay]

A clean, spectacular and serene beach that is La Campagne Tropicana is what greets you immediately after arrival. A private property it is but it never disappoints; it is a resort worth praises.

  1. Tarkwa Bay Beach
Tarkwa Bay, the Island Beach In Lagos, Nigeria

Tarkwa Bay Beach. [Photo by JUmia Travel]

Imagine a holiday on an island tucked away near Nigeria’s capital, Lagos. Tarkwa Bay Beach is located near Lagos harbour but far from the hustle-bustle life of the Nigeria city. 

Tarkwa Bay Beach is the one zone in Lagos where adventure, peace and calmness reigns. Its island status makes it a top tourist destination in Nigeria. 

In retrospect, Tarkwa Bay Beach is a paradise compared to other beaches in Nigeria which are often crowded with a lot of activities going on. Tarkwa Bay is quiet, and the best place for a family to spend those good moments.

4.Laguna Beach Lagos

Laguna Beach Lagos

Laguna Beach Lagos. [Photo: lagunabeachlagos]

Call it the pride of Lekki, a prestigious neighbourhood in Lagos. Privately owned, Laguna Beach Lagos is a haven for both introverts and extroverts. Not so big but Laguna Beach Lagos has managed to impress many people in its simple stature especially due to the serenity and cleanliness of the beach.

The food is sumptuous; you want to keep on eating the specially prepared meals at the beach hotel. Tented camps by the beachside offer you an amazing time to while away your nights at the beach. The costs of meals and accommodation are affordable.

  1. Atican Beach
Atican Beach

Atican Beach. [Photo: lifestylebytsp]

Not far from Victoria Island, Atican Beach in Lekki is incredibly beautiful. The beach is abounding with a cool breeze from the ocean and had plenty of comfortable beaches sits to relax and enjoy the breeze.

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It is a top-rated beach for couples to visit and bond once again. If you have kids, worry not because they too are accommodated with excellent services.

6.Landmark Beach

Landmark Beach Lagos

Landmark Beach Lagos. [Photo: tolubally]

Besides the envious beach stroll and leisurely swims on the beach, Landmark Beach has redefined the status and standards of beaches in Lagos. There are a lot of fun activities to engage in and great hospitality on offer. 

The cleanliness and safety of the beach is a factor that draws in many tourists, both local and international.

7.Eleko beach

Eleko Beach

Eleko Beach. [Photo: _ping_pong]

At the beachfront of this noble beach resort, you are spoilt for choice on which drink to down as you have a good time at the beach bar. It overlooks the vast beach usually with few people enjoying their time by the ocean.

Nature is something Eleko Beach cares about and it is what brings about the serenity and great ambience the beach is envied for.

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