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Top 5 Zimbabwean foods you should try

Top 5 Zimbabwean foods you should try
Written by See Africa Today

The love for peanut butter in Zimbabwe is mind-boggling. Zimbabweans love corn and meat as well. However, there are other meals you should try out.

Sadza: Sadza is the Shona word to describe a thickened porridge prepared from any grain and therefore similar to the Ugali of Eastern Africa and Fufu of West Africa.

Sadza is cornmeal cooked with peanut butter and is served with meat stew. Sadza is the most common food in Zimbabwe. Not surprisingly so as it is the staple food! Every household takes this meal.

Mopane Worms: Are you the type that would develop a rumbling stomach on the idea of eating insects? Nevertheless, even for the highly ‘sensitive’ stomachs, Zimbabwe’s Mopani worms are a true delicacy especially in the combination of fried tomatoes, onions, chilli and peanuts.

They have a high protein nutrient, a rich source of iron and calcium and it’s the African food that increases libido. If you want the real experience of African food, this is the best

Murewi Unedovi: These are pumpkin greens cooked in peanut sauce and served with rice or Sadza.

Maheu: A type of drink made from maize meal (Munya), a thin mealie pap is prepared, to which wheat flour is added, providing the inoculum of lactate-producing bacteria. The mixture is left to ferment.

Muriwo na Nyama: It is a mixture of vegetables and beef. In local dialect, it is known as ‘leafy beef’ and is very common in Zimbabwe. This meal is served with sadza and eaten with bare hands. Muriwo na Nyama is a common food across Africa and varies in preparation depending on the country. It is very hard to come across a Zimbabwean who doesn’t love this food.

Which one have you tried?

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