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6 Mind Blowing Honeymoon Destinations in Uganda

Victoria Forest Resort
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Your choice of honeymoon destinations in Uganda should make a memorable and relaxing experience. Known as the pearl of Africa, Uganda offers many affordable yet awe-inspiring locations that will make your honeymoon a truly memorable and relaxing experience.

The enchanting Ugandan romantic getaways offer a blend of exciting activities and serene, intimate settings, ensuring an unforgettable experience for newlyweds. Whether you prefer an adventurous escapade or a tranquil getaway, these top-rated places have something special in store for you.

From tranquil islands to adventurous riverside lodges, these destinations will provide the perfect backdrop for your romantic getaway. So pack your bags, leave the city behind, and explore the top 6 honeymoon destinations in Uganda.

1. Wildwaters Lodge

Honeymoon Destinations in Uganda

Lemala Wildwaters Lodge. Photo/Uniq Hotels.

Wildwaters Lodge is a fantastic destination for honeymooners seeking adventure and relaxation, situated on a private island along the Nile River, Jinja. Accessible only by boat, this lodge is a great choice of honeymoon destinations in Uganda for a truly unique and adventurous experience. Enjoy wooden decks with daybeds and romantic open-air bathtubs, providing intimate and breathtaking views of nature.

Cool off in the swimming pool carved out of natural pink granite rocks while enjoying the stunning rapids. Enjoy thrilling activities like white water rafting, bungee jumping, jet boating, horse riding, and fishing.

Take advantage of their honeymoon package, which includes special perks like private poolside dinners and daily room turn-down service. The standard double full board at Wildwaters Lodge is at $157 per night in the low season. However, they also offer a honeymoon package of 50% for the bride for every night of stay. This offer includes a private poolside dinner with sparkling wine, honeymoon style daily room turn down, among others. 

2. Ssese Islands

Honeymoon Destinations in Uganda

Ssese Islands. Photo/ Matoke Tours.

There’s nothing quite like a honeymoon on an island, and the Ssese Islands offer the perfect setting for a romantic escape. With 84 islands, you can immerse yourself in a serene environment surrounded by fresh breezes from Lake Victoria. Take part in guided forest walks, go hiking, try quad biking, or enjoy cycling around the community. Ssese boasts many hotels with excellent accommodations, spa services, and other amenities to enhance your honeymoon experience.

Brovad Sands Lodge is one of the hotels on the island. For a remote and tranquil honeymoon experience, head to Bugala Island on the Ssese Islands, where you’ll find the Brovad Sands Lodge. This resort is situated on 1,500 square meters of pristine white sand beach, and offers privacy and serenity amidst nature. 

3. Victoria Forest Resort

honeymoon destinations in Uganda

Victoria Forest Resort. Photo/Victoria Forest Resort.

Located along the shores of Lake Victoria on Ssese Island, Kalangala, the Victoria Forest Resort is a true island paradise. Surrounded by a multitude of bird species and lush forests, the resort offers a memorable stay with plenty of attractions to explore. The rooms are spacious and beautifully decorated, providing an ideal getaway for nature lovers. The resort offers a range of honeymoon packages to suit different budgets, ensuring you find the perfect option.

4. Heritage Safari Lodge

Honeymoon Destination in Uganda

Heritage safari lodge murchison falls. Photo/Grandnexus Africa.

Immerse yourself in an authentic African setting at Heritage Safari Lodge. Located on the northern side of Murchison Falls National Park, this lodge offers adventure and wildlife encounters. Imagine waking up in an African-style hut with elephants strolling by. The rooms are comfortable, and the friendly staff meets your every need. Indulge in delicious dining, with special attention given to catering for dietary requirements.

Accommodation options range from luxurious cottages to standard cottages and tents, catering to different budgets. Don’t miss the scheduled game drives to Murchison Falls National Park, where you can witness the ‘big five’ in their natural habitat. For an extraordinary experience, embark on a hike to witness the breathtaking beauty of the falls. And, of course, the evening sun-downer cruise along the Albert Nile is a must. Enjoy encounters with diverse wildlife and savour the sunset over the hills of the west Nile.

5. Top of the World (Fort Portal) 

Top of the World Fort Portal

Top of the World (Fort Portal). Photo/Travel to Africa.

Top of the World in Fort Portal is where you seek serenity and tranquillity amidst nature. Located approximately 10km from Fort Portal town, this destination offers a peaceful and picturesque environment. The well-tended cottages overlook three crater lakes, providing stunning views of the surrounding hills, misty valleys, and breathtaking landscapes.

Take advantage of guided nature walks to the shores of the crater lakes, indulge in bird watching, and witness some of the most captivating sunsets in Uganda. The onsite restaurant serves affordable and delicious meals, while a campsite option adds a touch of adventure to your honeymoon. Use this as a base to explore Fort Portal city, venture into the Rwenzori mountains, and visit tourist sites like the Tooro kingdom’s Karuzika palace.

6. Lake Bunyonyi

Destination in Uganda

Lake Bunyonyi. Photo/Destination Uganda Travelers.

Nestled in the Kigezi highlands, Lake Bunyonyi offers a serene and cooler climate, earning the nickname “Switzerland of Africa.” With over 25 small islands on the lake, it’s one of the perfect honeymoon destinations in Uganda for relaxation and tranquillity.

Lake Bunyonyi is conveniently close to both Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga Gorilla National Parks, making it an ideal addition to your gorilla-trekking holiday. Engage in community visits, explore the islands, try thrilling activities like ziplining, and soak in the beauty of this remarkable lake. Luxury hotels and lodges like Bunyonyi Safaris and Arcadia Lodges offer excellent spa services to enhance your honeymoon experience.


These are just a few of the incredible honeymoon destinations in Uganda. Whether you’re seeking adventure, wildlife encounters, or a peaceful lakeside retreat, Uganda will provide you with an unforgettable experience. So, pack your bags, embark on this romantic journey, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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