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10 Things You Should Do to Impress a Zimbabwean Man

Zimbabwean couple
Written by Jesca

How to impress a Zimbabwean man is a challenging task. He is likely to be drawn to someone confident and independent but also outwardly appreciates cultural values and practices. The key is striking a balance between being assertive and demonstrating respect.

These men want to know they can depend on someone besides getting a time-conscious and organized woman. Demonstrate that you can be a good conversationalist by discussing newsworthy topics thoughtfully—but don’t go overboard trying to one-up him with stories of your accomplishments. Above all else, Zimbabwean men like people with integrity. They want a partner they can trust through thick and thin. Showing up prepared with positive energy will make you an attractive potential partner for any Zimbabwean man.

1. Be Confident

Zimbawean woman

Zimbawean woman. Photo/The Guardian

One of the most important ways to impress a Zimbabwean is through confidence. Zimbabwean men are attracted to women who are comfortable in their skin and know what they want out of life. If you can show him that you are a strong and independent woman, he will be more likely to be interested in you.

2. Be Family-oriented

Another quality that Zimbabwean men look for in a partner is someone who is family-oriented. Zimbabwe is a country with strong family values, and most men want to find a woman who will be a good wife and mother. If you can show him that you would be a supportive and loving partner, he will be more likely to be interested in you.

3. Be Well-educated

Zimbabwean men also tend to be well-educated, so you must be able to hold your own in intellectual conversations. To impress a Zimbabwean man, show him that you are intelligent and well-informed; he will be more likely to be interested in you.

4. Be Ambitious

An ambitious ZImbabwean woman

An ambitious ZImbabwean woman. Photo/She Leads Africa

One of the things that Zimbabwean men find most attractive in women is ambition. They want to find a driven partner with her own goals and aspirations. If you show him that you are an ambitious woman, he will be more interested in you.

5. Be Fun-loving

Another quality that Zimbabwean men find attractive in women is a fun-loving personality. They want to find a partner who enjoys spending time with them and is up for anything. If you can show him that you are a fun person to be around, he will be more likely to be interested in you.

6. Respect Him

Any man, Zimbabwean or otherwise, needs to be respected. Please note that respect is not the same as fear. Google defines respect as “a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.”

Traditional or modern, Zimbabwean men appreciate when women show deep admiration for them. With equal rights, some women think respecting your man is archaic. Respect is the main anchor to keep your man, and you show him respect by showing him the qualities you respect about him, in speech and in action.

7. Take Care of Your Man

When you have a man, you often have a fully grown baby. No, this is not an insult or demeaning– let me clarify this statement. Men need attention, or they will throw a toddler fit. Zimbabwean men are no different. You must prepare his clothes for him before he goes to work, prepare his breakfast, and support them when they succeed. When dating a Zimbabwean guy, ensure you always look out for his well-being so that he will know you will always be there for him.

Cooking healthy food for your man is vital to taking care of him. Make a written list of his favorite foods and make sure you know how to cook them.

8. Be Kinky, But Remember You’re The Wife

Now, this is not for all women because some have it inherent in them. Zimbabwean men like showing off their respective wives to their families. They want their families to respect the woman they marry. However, they want you to be naughty when you are away from the public. Some women do one and forget to do the other.

The trick is to strike a balance and know when to be the traditional Zimbabwean woman and when to be the naughty girl. Naughty is subjective and different to different people. However, you know how kinky your man is, be that kind of kink and more if you can; they like both naughty and traditional girls.

9. Be an Enterprising Woman

Zimbabwean women

Zimbabwean women. Photo/KIVA

Gone are the days when men wanted a woman to sit at home. Not only is this destructive to the woman’s intellect, but it also makes a woman not appreciate the harsh realities of life. A woman helping her man is highly valued in this harsh economy.

It’s no surprise that Zimbabwean men and women lead the pack when it comes to having a strong work ethic. Zimbabweans take pride in their desire never to shun hard work, and as a result, they are very entrepreneurial. Many that have lived through previous economic downturns will testify to this.

Men no longer want a woman who will only stay at home while they work. This is detrimental to a woman’s intelligence and causes her to be unappreciative of life’s harsh realities. So your man is making a lot of money, and you are comfortable — why work? Well, an enterprising woman challenges her man to think and assists in planning towards meaningful goals and allows him to have an open mind.

10. Communicate

Open communication is essential in relationships if you want to impress a Zimbabwean Man. Where there is no open communication, relationships usually have mind games that mostly frustrate men. Moody women frustrate men. Some women further withhold sex if their men do not “get” what they are meant to. This pushes your man away emotionally and physically. Women that communicate respectfully usually get their way with their men.

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