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5 Top Cameroon traditional delicacies for you

5 Top Cameroon traditional delicacies for you
Written by See Africa Today

Yams, cassava, sweet potatoes, maize, rice among others are the common traditional food prepared in many Cameroonians’ homes. A combination of these foods and others not only gives a rich taste but also tell so much about Cameroon’s food culture.


Cameroonian meal, Ndole

Ndole – Cameroonian dish consisting of stewed nuts, ndole and fish or beef, African cuisine [Photo by]

It is the second most common dish prepared with spinach, bitter leaves, garlic, crayfish and shrimps/beef and bananas. It is also served alongside boiled raw bananas. The meal is traditionally eaten with plantain, bobolo (a Cameroonian dish made of fermented ground manioc or cassava and wrapped in leaves)

Sese plantains

 Sese plantains Cameroon

Served sese plantains [Photo by Pinterest]

A type of meal that is a household meal not only in Cameroon but also in West Africa. It is a one-pot meal with bananas, meat, kales and seasonings cooked all together.
Sese is very easy to prepare in less than one hour.  Traditionally, the meal is made when a woman gives birth to ensure she recovers quickly and produce breastmilk

Accra Cassava

Grated cassava shaped into balls and then deep fried will greet you in the street. It is crunchy on the outside and very soft on the inside due to the whole wheat Accra Banana used to prepare this snack beside the cassava.

African Stewed Potatoes

If you ever get to the house feeling tired and want a delicious quick fix, this is the dish for you. Basically, it consists of potatoes, meat/fish which are cooked into tomatoes, onion, and vegetable sauce garnished with garlic or any other spice of your liking.

Jollof Rice

Cameroonian Jollof Rice

Classic Cameroonian Jollof Rice served with chicken drum sticks [Photo by Wazobia African Market]

This is a special dish of rice baked in an oven and very popular in West African countries. Every party you walk into, you will find it. It has peas, vegetables, food colour and garlic. For accompaniment, you can choose to fry some fish/beef or roast chicken. The easiest way to prepare it is by baking it in the oven although you can cook it the conventional way.

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