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7 delicious African street food that you must try

7 delicious African street food that you must try
Written by See Africa Today

Dotted in almost every major street of African cities are various types of food whose aroma is highly tempting.
The culture to prepare different types of food/grabs in the streets of major African cities is deeply rooted in the continent where it is considered a sign of hospitality and kindness.

It also has something to do with keeping the people full, don’t you agree? Let us familiarize ourselves with the various types of food you are bound to bump into in various streets on Africa.

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African sausage (Mutura)
Boerewors Mutura

The African sausage (Boerewors) preparation – See Africa Today

Prepared using intestines stuffed with the minced meats and spices, the African sausage popularly known as ‘mutura’ in Kenya and grilled over a charcoal grill is one of the best kinds of barbecue you will enjoy while in Nairobi, Kenya.

It has found its way into high-end hotels within the country where it is first served as an appetizer or just a part of the side dish for barbecue lovers.

Mopani worms (fried)
Zambian Food recipe

A plate served with Zimbabwe’s Mopani worms – YouTube

Are you the type that would develop a rumbling stomach on the idea of eating insects? Nevertheless, even for the highly ‘sensitive’ stomachs, Zimbabwe’s Mopani worms are a true delicacy especially in the combination of fried tomatoes, onions, chilli and peanuts.

They have a high protein nutrient, a rich source of iron and calcium and it’s the African food that increases libido. If you want the real experience of African food, this is the best.

The Gatsby
gatsby recipe

Steak masala gatsby recipe – Eat Drink Cape Town

Once you set foot in the streets of Cape Town, be sure to be invited by the mouth-watering sandwich made in a big baguette roll stuffed with meat or fish and crispy French fries. It is a popular sandwich in the Western Cape province.

One large sandwich may be shared among several people. The Gatsby is also sometimes mistakenly referred to by the nickname AK‑47, which is a variant of the sandwich made in Johannesburg, in part due to how it can be held in one’s arm in a similar manner to the firearm. 

Poulet Yassa
Poulet Yassa recipe

Senegalese Braised Chicken (Poulet Yassa) – PCC

Good news for chicken lovers who are visiting Senegal’s Casamance region because this is the place you get to eat one of the best-prepared chicken ever!

Poulet Yassa is tender chicken marinated in peanut oil, lemon juice, a lot of onions, vinegar and assorted spices for a whole night and later cooked over a charcoal grill. Yassa has become popular throughout West Africa

Suya recipe

Nigeria’s delicious Suya – Jumia Travel

In Nigeria,  suya is prepared from strips of either beef, chicken or fish and marinated with tasty ground peanuts, onion powder, paprika and ginger before they are placed over a flaming charcoal grill.

They commonly serve as biting, however, they can be served as the main dish with fufu (ugali) or rice.

Bunny Chow
Bunny Chow recipe

South African bunny chow which comprises curry in a hollowed out bread loaf – Taste

Talk of a simple yet fulfiling meal It is common in South Africa where it was introduced by Indians working in the vast sugar plantations. They are stuffed meat or vegetable curry in hollowed bread and this has become a signature dish that is popular in restaurants and kiosks.

Ugandan rolex recipe

Ugandan Rolex, East African breakfast wraps rolled with a vegan omelette inside – KO Rasoi

Rolex meaning ‘roll of eggs’ is a traditional food that was and is still popular in Kampala and Masaka areas of Uganda and the entire East African region. A highly affordable snack, it is made with chapati which is stuffed with either fried or scrambled eggs together with onions and tomatoes.

It has found its way to Kenyan as well and is among the best African foods for breakfast.

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