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Fun packed Akagera National Park, Rwanda

Fun packed Akagera National Park, Rwanda
Written by See Africa Today

The rugged terrain of Akagera National Park in North Eastern Rwanda illuminates the beauty of Rwanda’s wilderness in the most unexpected ways.

It is in these varied terrains of the park that wild has found life in the largest protected wetland in Central Africa. Akagera National Park is the only place in Africa with the last surviving savannah-adapted species.

Established in 1934, the park lies at the Rwandan-Tanzanian border and springs to life with swamps and small lakes whose water flow into the scenic River Kagera.

Akagera has one of the best game drives experience in Rwanda due to the scenic nature and wide range of wildlife including buffalos, elands, topis, Maasai giraffes, monkeys, leopards, hyenas and serval cats. For long game drives, visitors enjoy picnic lunch in the wild.

The park also offers a 2-hour night game drive to the delight of carnival enthusiasts. Leopards and hyenas are usually on the prowl during the night hunting down their prey.

Bird lovers will surely have an exhilarating experience at the park with over 520 species of birds. 

A wide selection of migratory birds, forest birds and savannah birds live in the park. The highlight of bird watching at Akagera National Park is in sighting the rare papyrus gonolex which lives in swamps and the swamp flycatcher and shoebill stork.

In one of the small lakes within the park – Lake Shakani – fishing is the main activity here. It gives a once-in-a-lifetime chance to visitors to fish in the hippo-infested Lake Shakani during fishing tournaments.

Boat Safaris in Lake Ihema is the epitome of real adventure at Akagera National Park. The lake has the largest concentration of hippos in East Africa as well as crocodiles seen from the shores of the lake. Elephants stroll the shores of the lake as they quench their thirst.

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