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5 of the Best Countries For Black Travellers in Africa

Black travellers
Written by Abraham Odhiambo

Discover the best countries for black travellers offering a wealth of cultural experiences, history and traditional food. Whereas travelling is fun, not all travellers, especially blacks, have the same experience exploring the world. Some have encountered instances of racism, microaggressions and awkward interactions and scenarios, among other problems.

Even though such cases are rare in Africa, there are countries where you’ll feel the treatment given to you is a bit different to the one that white travellers receive. In this article, See Africa Today brings you the best countries for black travellers in Africa based on welcomeness, thrill and adventure.

1. Tanzania

Best countries for black travellers

Tanzania is welcoming to travellers from all races. Photo/ Quartz.

Tanzania tops our list of the best countries for black travellers in Africa. The appeal for tourists visiting Tanzania is huge, and what even makes it a bucket list destination is the warmth and hospitality of the people. Tanzanians are known to treat everyone with respect, something which makes every foreigner, whether white or black, feel at home.

If you are planning to visit Tanzania, then don’t leave without exploring Zanzibar. This archipelago off the coast of Tanzania is known for its pristine beaches, soft sand and crystal clear waters where you can enjoy activities such as snorkelling, kitesurfing, diving and windsurfing. It is also home to several historical sites such as the Old Fort, Tumbatu Island, Christ Church Cathedral, Mtoni Palace Ruins and Fukuchani Ruins, among others.

2. Ghana

Ghana has seen a spike in popularity among black travellers in recent years. Well, that shouldn’t be a surprise considering it is one of the best countries for black travellers from all over the world. Just like Tanzanians, Ghanaians are friendly to all foreigners.

And with its vibrant cities, diverse culture and gorgeous beaches and hinterlands, you won’t be bored during your trip to this West African country. Some of the things black travellers can do in Ghana include shop for precious jewelry, go on a safari food, hit the nightlife, and learn about the country’s past in the fort and castles along the coast.

Tourism Ghana

Black travellers visit Ghana to reconnect with their roots. Photo/ ABC News.

3. Kenya

One of the most popular countries in Africa, Kenya is welcoming to all travellers from all over the world irregardless of their race. And with the government granting visa free entry for other African travellers, blacks should feel free visiting Kenya. Come see what the East African country has to offer, from wildlife-rich savannahs to blissful beaches and historical sites.

4. Benin

Benin is friendly to black travellers and among the reasons to visit this West African country is to interact with one of the darkest parts of mankind’s history, slavery. It is estimated that over two million slaves were gathered in the Kingdom of Dahomey, which is located within present-day Benin. The kingdom existed from approximately 1600 until 1904 and there is plenty to learn about its relationship to slavery. Visit Benin and learn more than you were taught in history classes.


The people of Benin are welcoming to tourists. Photo/ The Crazy Tourist -.

Besides slavery, Benin is also ideal to black travellers because of the different traditional meals you’ll get to enjoy, fantastic nature and culture.

5. Guinea Bissau

It’s not everyday that you’ll come across websites mentioning Guinea Bissau as a top tourist destination in Africa. However, it’s one of the best countries to visit, irregardless of where you are from. The locals, known as Bissau-Guineans, are famous for their friendliness and willingness to share their culture with visitors. And with its rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning landscapes, there is plenty of reasons to visit Guinea Bissau.

What Is The Best Country For Black People To Visit?

  • Ghana, Africa
  • Selma, Alabama
  • Liverpool, England
  • Buffalo, New York, United States
  • United Arab Emirates, Dubai
  • Florence, Italy
  • The Philippines

Which Country Is Beautiful in Africa?

Tanzania takes credit for being the visual masterpiece of Africa, thanks to its natural beauty, beautiful ancient cities, incredible animals, geological wonders, enticing beaches and archaeological monuments.

Is Dubai Safe For Black Travellers?

United Arab Emirates is one of the best countries for black travellers. One of its most popular cities, Dubai, is known to be safe and welcoming to black travelers. In fact, there is a thriving international expat community, majority of them being black professionals, who work and live in the city.

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