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5 Cheap Road Trips in Kenya to Take When on a Budget

Cheap road trips in Kenya
Written by Abraham Odhiambo

Road tripping in Kenya doesn’t have to be too expensive. In fact, there are several cheap road trips in Kenya that travellers can take and have fun while on a budget. These routes are shorter but you won’t be disappointed because of the roadside attractions, small towns and eclectic diners you’ll come across. Well, if you’re lucky enough, you can get up close with herds of zebras or predators such as lions during your trip.

So, get out of town and create memories in one of these exciting journeys without breaking the bank. Here are cheap road trips in Kenya to explore:

1. Road Trip To Kajiado 

It’s hard not to include Kajiado County when talking of cheap road trips in Kenya. In fact, Kajiado is one of the best places to go on a road trip. It is usually a joy to see the vegetation and the changing landscape on your way to Kajiado. Around every corner, there is a view that will make you want to stop and enjoy the colours of the scenery.

cheap road trips in Kenya

Kajiado road trip. Photo/ Ricco Homes.

Once you’re there, there is plenty to explore and plenty of getaway places. The county has beautiful plains, volcanic hills and valleys that you won’t get tired of exploring.

2. Explore Lake Naivasha 

A popular destination for road trip lovers, Lake Naivasha should be on your bucket list if you want to leave town this weekend. Lake Naivasha is not too far from Nairobi, and the route doesn’t disappoint since there are several spots offering spectacular sightseeing.

Just a few kilometres on your way from Nairobi you’ll come across the viewpoint spot that gives the perfect view of the Great Rift Valley. Continue with your trip and then there is Mount Longonot within full view. Once you reach your final destination, Lake Naivasha, plenty of activities awaits you, from boat riding, to sport fishing and other water sports. It’s time to forget about the pressure work brings and focus on having fun.

3. Road Trip To Nyandarua County

cheap road trips in Kenya

Nyandarua County offers spectacular views. Photo/ Polarsteps.

One of the cheap road trips in Kenya, exploring Nyandarua County should be on your bucket list if you want to experience nature’s power first hand. Visit Thomson Falls, one of the most renowned tourist attraction sites of Kenya, and then spend a few hours exploring Nyahururu town. After that, head to Lake Ol’bollosat, where you’ll see rare bird species and the largest collection of hippos.

4. Road Trip To Nyeri County

Nyeri is one of the most beautiful counties in Kenya and a destination to consider when planning a road trip on a budget. Here, most road trips are tarmacked and there are plenty to see during your adventure. From Mount Kenya to wild animals and waterfalls, this county simply has everything.

If you are in the company of your friends, then go have the time of your life at Kinga conservancy. Some of the activities here include camping, rock climbing, nature walks and star gazing.

5. Go To Lake Magadi

Road trip to Lake Magadi. Photo/ Safari254.

Another place not so far from Nairobi and ideal for travellers on a budget is Lake Magadi. You can either use the Ngong or Rongai route via Kiserian and then proceed to Isinya area. Just a few kilometres past Kiserian and you start feeling the ambience you need as you encountering spectacular views.

There are numerous eateries to stop by and enjoy juicy nyama choma. Once you reach Lake Magadi, you’ll realize that the tales you’ve heard about that place are actually true. The lake is quite scenic and you’ll be tempted to take as many pictures as you can. Capture all the beauty and make your trip memorable.

Where Can I Go For a Road Trip in Kenya?

  • From Nairobi to Lake Naivasha and back
  • Head into the Western Highlands to Kisumu
  • From Nairobi to Lake Magadi
  • Get into the great outdoors at Mt Kenya
  • Hit the Nairobi to Mombasa Highway
  • On the road to Lake Turkana
  • Desert adventures to Samburu

Where Is the Best Place to Road Trip?

The North-Central Circuit is one of the most popular self-drive route in Kenya and it’s for a good reason. This circuit offers game viewing as you’ll encounter various parks such, including Meru National Park, Samburu, Ol Pejeta Conservancy and the famous Masai Mara.

Is It Safe To Drive From Nairobi to Mombasa?

If you are not a long distance driver, it is recommended you don’t drive the Mombasa-Nairobi highway at night because of poor visibility. On top of that, you can also encounter wild animals such as elephants, lions, and hyenas, particularly in the Tsavo East National Park area.

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