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Cameroonian traditional outfits

Cameroonian traditional outfits
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Fashion in Cameroon is dynamic as a result of different cultures, climatic conditions in some parts of the country and religious movements with a particular set of norms.

For instance, in northern Cameroon where it is hot and dry and predominantly inhabited by Muslims, the outfits are long and flowing with headcovers while the wetter southern region has inhabitants embracing patterned and embroidered fabrics.

Nonetheless, there are other fashion designs that Cameroonians rock.

Pagne for women


Pagne. [Photo by Pinterest]

Pagne is a long dress sewn from cotton prints or satin fabric and is mostly worn for official purposes. The garments also have a wrapper style theme but are also used as head coverings or a sling to carry the baby on the back. In local markets, it is readily available and comes in different patterns and colours.

Boubou outfit


Boubou [Photo by Pinterest]

Boubou is common in the northern part of Cameroon. It is a ceremonial outfit for men but has a female version too. Boubou is completed by a four-piece ensemble consisting of a cotton-made undershirt, colourful shirt, loose-fitting pants and a hat bearing a similar colour to the shirt that has embroideries at the hem and neckline.

Men’s Quartre Pouches

Men’s Quartre Pouches

Men’s Quartre Pouches [Photo by cleveland people]

It is a two-piece outfit for men in Southern Cameroon made of long trousers and a square-pocketed shirt. The two outfits are made of cotton and it is accompanied by a round hat with matching patterns to those of the shirt.

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