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Visiting Ghana during high season?

Visiting Ghana during high season?
Written by See Africa Today

Are you planning on visiting Ghana from December to February? If you are, brace yourself in dealing with the harmattan.

Harmattan is a strong wind running across the northeast of the Sahara Desert into Ghana. It manifests itself like a desert sandstorm and when it blows, everything is coated with dust. During this period, take these precautionary measures.

More Vitamin C

During the harmattan, temperatures drastically drop, especially in the morning. They drop to lows of 9 degrees Celsius but afternoons register high temperatures of about 30 degrees Celsius and above. This potentially opens the floodgates to contract flu due to too much dust but Vitamin C bolsters your immunity against this.

Take a lot of water

The temperatures during the harmattan are gruelling as they oscillate between extremely low temperatures to very high temperatures. To deal with this variance, hydration is important as it keeps the skin smooth and helps the body relax.

Creams for chapped/cracking lips

Anytime the harmattan blows, chapped lips become a phenomenon but, this condition is preventable. It is advisable to keep close anything with Vitamin E as well as creams or balms that prevent cracking of lips.

In Ghana though, locals have devised effective ways to arrest this problem by using cucumbers which they place on their lips for about five minutes. Others use shea butter or almond oil.

Stay away from sandstorms

If you are asthmatic, it is advisable you stay away from the sandstorm and always carry your inhaler. Covering your face and using air purifiers is also encouraged as harmattans are tough.

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