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8 Mouthewatering Cameroonian Foods Welcoming You To West Africa

Sweet fried plantains
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Curious to try some local and best Cameroon food while visiting? Whether you’re a foodie, looking for an authentic experience, or just eager to explore the country’s diverse culinary offerings – Cameroon has plenty of delicious dishes for you. From hearty stews and spicy grilled meats to flavorful sides and delectable desserts, there is something here for everyone. Read on as we uncover the most popular foods in Cameroon.

What Type of Food Does Cameroon Eat?

Regarding protein sources, Cameroon food consists of fish, beef, pork, chicken, lamb, goat, and various game types of meat. They use Grains such as rice, corn, and sorghum to make fufu, attiéké, or pain de mais. Cameroon has abundant fruits and vegetables, including okra, cassava leaves, eggplant and plantain.

Traditional Cameroonian dishes include Ndole, a spicy mix of fish or beef with bitter leaf herbs, and akassa, which consists of peeled banana yams mashed with oil. Cameroonian cuisine has experienced heavy French influence in recent years, often seen in the use of French crepes to accompany other dishes or even as a main course for dinner.

What is the Most Popular Food in Cameroon?

Many people refer to Cameroon as “Africa in miniature” due to its many cuisine styles. Cameroon has many delicious food options sure to tantalize your taste buds. Here are some of the most popular Cameroon Foods you should try:

1. Ndole

Cameroon Food

Ndole Cameroon Food. Photo/Away from Africa.

Cameroonian festivities would be incomplete without the delightful Ndolé, one of the best Cameroon food. Whether it’s National Day or Christmas, savouring this delectable delicacy is an inescapable part of celebrating with friends and family.

This flavorful food is made of bitter leaves, melon seeds, meat or fish. They are all cooked to perfection and thoroughly infused with each other. When the festive menu is filled with rich and meaty dishes, Ndolé delivers a refreshing tanginess to balance out any heaviness. Cameroonians usually pair this dish with Fufu, Bobolo, or boiled plantains for an unforgettable experience.

2. Koki

Koki Bean Cake

African Cuisine. Koki Bean Cake. Photo/eat well abi

Cameroon’s Koki is a delicious Cameroon food. Cameroonians lovingly create Koki to celebrate new life while they craft Koki to commemorate newlyweds. The main ingredient is black-eyed peas, or cowpeas – a healthy legume with historic cultivation.

To make it properly, you must blend the shelled pea particles with spinach and fragrant herbs in a food processor. Finally, bundle the paste into plantain leaves and steam for optimum flavor. Cameroonians add their favorite ingredients like beef, smoked fish, and veggies to transform Koki into a hearty meal.

3. Plantains

Cameroon food

Sweet fried plantains. Photo/simshomekitchen.

The best Cameroon food is known for its wide array of locally grown plantain varieties. How to prepare plantains in Cameroonian style is one of their best-kept secrets. Cameroonians cook plantains in oil with onions, garlic and spices to give them a golden brown coating.

For dessert, Cameroonians fry up plantains – sweet or ripe ones – and serve them as a side dish. Plantains are also an accompaniment to meals, such as a Cameroonian salad.

4. Ekwan – Traditional Cocoyam Dish


Unleashing the full potential of cocoyam is much more than boiling and frying. The Bafaw people, who inhabit Cameroon’s southwest region, know how to concoct this delightful dish in ways you would never imagine!

They make this delectable delicacy from freshly grated cocoyam and then envelop it in leafy greens. It is simmered to perfection with a combination of fresh or smoked meats, fish, crayfish, red oil, and an array of spices based on the chef’s preference. Experience a compelling take on traditional cuisine by exploring what these cultures have to offer.

5. Achu Soup – Yellow Soup

Cameroon food

Cameroonian Achuyellow soup. Photo/
Precious Core.

Who could resist a steaming bowl of Achu soup, the mouthwatering creation from the Ngemba people living in northwestern Cameroon? Its tantalizing aroma makes it easy to see why this dish is called an irresistible sneeze. The perfect accompaniment to any fish or meat, Achu soup will transform your next meal into something exceptional.

Obtaining the distinctive golden colour of this soup requires a generous portion of palm oil rich in carotenoids, which Cameroon is fortunate to have an abundance of as one of the world’s leading producers. Cocoyam (taro), spices, and limestone are essential ingredients for their delicious flavour.

5. Eru Soup

eru soup

Eru soup. Photo/YouTube.

There is a reason why the best Cameroon food is aptly called “Africa in miniature” for a good reason–it’s home to over 200 ethnic groups and 240 languages! This immense variation has impacted Cameroonian food, particularly among the Bayangi people in the southwestern Manyu region.

Ready to get in the kitchen and make something special? Eru soup is a must-try! This mineral-rich vegetable goes by many names – Okok or Eru from Cameroon, Koko elsewhere in Africa. To create this hearty dish, you’ll need to venture into the forest first; once back home, finely chop up your ingredients and add some spinach, herbs, and even meat for extra nutrients. Serve with Fufu or roasted cassava for a fantastic meal! Try making homemade Eru soup today using our guide.

6. Kpwem – Casavana Leaf Dish

Kpwem may be a challenge to pronounce, and its ingredient has the potential of becoming toxic if not prepared correctly. However, it is incredibly beneficial for your health due to being savoury with subtle hints of Cameroon. This dish goes amazingly alongside rice or cooked plantains – definitely worth trying.

Kpwem is a delightful Cameroon food made from young and tender cassava leaves to create an incredible source of protein. The green leaves are mashed together with peanut butter before being boiled in water until it reaches a stew-like consistency. Adding rice, plantains, or cassava will bring a more delightful grassy taste.

7.  Bobolo – Fermented Cassava Dish

Cameroonians’ struggles throughout their history resulted in the development of inventive dishes to provide sustenance. Bobolo is one such example that comes from the western region of Cameroon. They traditionally serve it during festivals and ceremonies as a reminder of the tribulations Cameroon has overcome.

Cameroonians create Bobolo when cassava starch is fermented and packaged into thick sticks wrapped in banana leaves. This delicacy can keep for weeks at room temperature and much longer if stored in the freezer. As such, Cameroonian families can easily carry the snacks around when moving. If you haven’t already, try this yummy treat that will tantalize your taste buds.

8. Fufu – Doughy Staple Food

Fufu is an undisputed favourite across Cameroon, Africa and the Caribbean – a testament to its widespread popularity. You can eat This starchy dish with your fingers for optimal enjoyment. Indeed, fufu is at the heart of every breakfast recipe in this region of Cameroon.

The doughy goodness of fufu is made from the fermentation of cassava, plantain, yam or corn flour and then hand-mashed into a smooth texture that can be shaped into balls. Fufu is served alongside Cameroonian soup dishes like Eru and Ndole for a heavenly combination! Whether you’re from Cameroon, have Cameroonian friends or love to try new food – make sure you add fufu to your list of must-try dishes.

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