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7 Reasons Why Nigerian Music is Interesting and Unique

Why Nigerian music is Interesting and Unique
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If you are a music lover, chances are you always ask yourself why Nigerian music is interesting and unique. Well, the Afrobeat and Afropop genres are intriguing, to say the least.

Nigerian music landscape is incredibly fascinating because of many dynamics, such as culture and age demographics. But, tradition and culture remain solid rock through which it sells its music internationally.

Talk of Grammy Awards; Nigeria has a dozen, some dating back to the 90s. And in the new era, Wizkid and Burnaboy hold the torch for Grammy Award-winning artists.

These coveted awards – including BETs – tell a tall tale of the secret recipe of Nigerian music.

What Makes Nigerian Music Unique?

why Nigerian music is interesting and unique

Burna Boy. Photo/The Guardian News Nigeria

There are several factors that make Nigerian music special and mellow globally. While the artists are charming, the following factors also play a part in Naija music’s popularity.


Culture and tradition are a big reason why Nigerian music is interesting and unique. The West African cultural experiences provide a fertile ground for creativity.

Besides, Nigeria has this one-of-a-kind sound, created by combining traditional African music with contemporary pop and R&B music. It has won over fans worldwide out of its three-genre fusion.

Traditional Instruments

The usage of traditional instruments is another aspect that distinguishes Nigerian music unique from other types of music. The use of Afrobeat drumming in many Nigerian songs gives the country’s music its distinctive sound that other musical styles cannot replicate.

As a matter of fact, Afrobeat is the most popular genre, constantly raising questions on why Nigerian music is interesting and unique.

Bubbly and Vibrant

Nigerian music’s lively and energizing nature is one of the genre’s defining characteristics. The rhythms are infectious, and the lyrics are typically uplifting and optimistic. The result is that this music is excellent for dancing.

African Culture

Influences by the African culture largely answer why Nigerian music is interesting and unique. The lyrics, which frequently recount stories about life in Nigeria and the traditional clothing worn by some of the artists in the country fascinate music lovers.

Moreover, the most traditional forms of music have a strong connection to contemporary and popular music. Additionally, most traditional forms of music continue to take inspiration from these genres.

Charming Artists

why Nigerian music is interesting and unique

Yemi Alade. Photo/The Guardian Nigeria News

Beauty, enchanting vocals and deep lyrics explain why Nigerian music is interesting and unique. Pop artists possess gorgeous voices, infectious rhythms, and positive lyrical content.

It is still possible for you to enjoy listening to them, even if you do not comprehend what they are saying in their native Igbo or Yoruba language. These songs will make your heart sing along with them even if you do not understand a line!

Energetic Concerts

Attend a performance by a Nigerian artist if you want to experience something fresh and thrilling the next time you go out to a concert. The concerts are invariably a lot of fun.

And the world knows this. A case in point is when Burna Boy totally sold out his July Show in three minutes. In April 2022, the ‘Last Last’ hitmaker sold out a show in New York’s garden square. The charisma of these artists tells you why Nigerian music is interesting and unique.

Musical Dynamism

There is such a wide range of musical styles that can be found in Nigeria that there is something for everyone. The vocals are generally delivered in a call and response style that is soulful and catchy simultaneously.

A wide variety of percussion instruments creates the beat, and each rhythm is intricate and one of a kind.

What Type of Music is Nigeria Known for?

People know Nigeria for its Afrobeat songs. However, there are other distinctive genres of music from Naija. They include:

  • Afropop
  • Streetpop
  • Afrorave
  • Juju

Is Nigeria Music the Best in Africa?

Nigerian music is among the best in Africa. If you want to know which African country has the most cultural output, the most connected society, and the internet influence, go no farther than Nigeria.

Others, including the most avid adventurers, have trouble understanding the country’s art. Most artists can relate to their audience, cultivate a following, and even learn from constructive criticism. All of this helps them decide whether to alter their sound or remain true to it.

To maintain their thriving communities, artists cultivate meaningful social connections with their fans by responding to fan feedback and expressing gratitude to their most devoted supporters. Last but not least, the Nigerian music industry boasts the most significant labels in all of Africa.

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