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14 Most Popular African Cuisine You Must Taste

African cuisine
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African cuisine is diverse, delicious, and unique, with specialities in each region from west to east, and north to central Africa. You are not only spoiled for choice; sampling the exquisite cuisine also opens your eyes to the cultural essence of the continent’s tribes/races.

The list below provides a detailed overview of a handful of the continent’s exquisite dishes.

Jollof Rice

Jollof Rice is a West African dish popular in Nigeria, Senegal, and Ghana. Jollof is a one-pot dish with rice as the main ingredient, as well as vegetables, onion, garlic, red pepper, ginger, and tomato sauce.

Tomato puree/sauce brings out the signature red colour of this meal. Seasonings such as dried thyme, curry powder, and a variety of other spices are used for a tasty flavour. As a side dish, this mouthwatering meal can be served with chicken, fish, beef, or turkey.

Jollof Rice is a top African Cuisine

Jollof Rice is a top African Cuisine. Photo/Wikipedia


“A man has not eaten a day unless he has eaten fufu,” says the Ashanti people of Ghana. Fufu is a delicious combination of Caribbean and African flavours.

Fufu is a dough formed from mashed starches that is solid and thick. Pounded roots such as yams, plantains, malanga, and cassava provide starch. Using a long wooden rod, pound unripe plantains or cassava, then mash the mixture while adding water.

The mash is smoothed out and rolled into small balls. Because of its bland flavour and gummy texture, fufu is usually served with light soup made of fish, meat, palm nut, or groundnut soup for added spiciness. It would never miss any African cuisine list.

Fufu African Cuisine

Fufu and some soup stew. Photo/Taste Atlas

Muamba Galinha

Muamba galinha, commonly known as moamba chicken, is a dish cooked with chicken, red palm oil sauce, garlic, okra, and hot chile pepper.  The dish’s flavour comes from palm oil, and the red colour comes from lycopene.

Rice, cassava paste, hard-boiled eggs, brown onions, sweet potatoes, and palm nut sauce are some of the accompaniments.

A famous delicacy of Central Africa, moamba galinha is the national dish for the Democratic Republic of Congo.

African Cuisine. Muamba De Galinha

African Cuisine. Muamba De Galinha. Photo/TasteAtlas

Couscous Royale

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Couscous is a popular meal in North Africa, and delicious African cuisine is made using steamed semolina. If you want African cuisine taken up a notch, request Couscous Royale with lamb cuts infusions or seasoned chicken.

Couscous was traditionally cooked in a couscoussier, a steamer pot with the broth on the bottom and the pellets on top in a perforated basket.

Koki – Bean Cake

Koki Bean Cake

African Cuisine. Koki Bean Cake. Photo/eat well abi

If you find yourself in Central Africa, especially Cameroon, do not miss out on this delectable appetizer. Request it, look for it, and enjoy it!

Koki Beans are a juicy, delicious steamed dish made with coarsely ground black-eyed peas and spinach. It’s delicious by itself or with boiled plantains!

Koki is made from mashed black-eyed peas that have been wrapped in banana leaves and cooked. Red palm nut sauce and other condiments like crayfish, fish bits, and chilli peppers give Koki its unique brilliant red colour and flavour.

Chicken Muamba

Do as the Angolans do in Luanda by eating a hot, oily drink made with palm oil or palm butter, garlic, chilis, and okra. The chicken Muamba is marinated in spices, giving it a distinct and thrilling flavour. Try Chicken Muamba with traditional African starchy porridges like funge, fufu, and igali to enhance your experiences.


Pronounced ba-boor-tea in South Africa, Bobotie cuisine is made out of curried lamb, ground beef, or pork. Curry powder, spices, herbs, and vinegar are just a few of the other ingredients. The flavour is diverse, with bits of sweet, salty, and spicy. It has a silky, moist texture thanks to the egg custard, with every bite melting into your tongue in an instant. It’s usually served with yellow rice.

Egusi Soup

Egusi Soup African Cuisine

African Cuisine: Egusi Soup. Photo/aliyahrecipes

Egusi soup with spinach leaves is a must-try while in Nigeria. Egusi soup goes nicely with rice, potatoes, pounded yam, or fufu since it contains a variety of meats, fish, spices, oils, and other seasonings.


Chakalaka, another African cuisine, is a spicy vegetable dish made with tomato, onion, carrot, bean, bell pepper, ginger, and chile.

This dish is often mixed with various greens and served cold as a salad, or with thick sour milk and bread.


Yassa is Senegal’s national dish. Yassa is a delicious stew made with chicken marinated in vinegar, onion, and lemon. A soft texture would result from a prolonged marination process. Other than chicken, lamb or fish can be used as an alternative.

Koshari, Egypt

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Watch and join your hosts as you eat a healthy vegetarian dish of rice, lentils, macaroni, garlic, and chickpeas tossed in a spicy tomato sauce and topped with fried onions. The dish not only sounds delicious, but it also tastes delicious.


If you find yourself in West Africa on vacation, sample the tempting Alloco. Alloco is an Ivorian fried plantain dish served with chilli peppers, onions, or eggs, as well as tomato sauce. Because of its distinct flavour and ease of preparation, you won’t have to fight the wolves in your stomach for long.


A tasty stew made primarily of boiled bitter leaves, melon seeds, and peanuts, as well as fish or meat, is one of Cameroon’s national meals. Shrimps or prawns can also be added, though this is not required.

Each spoon of this savoury broth would melt into your tongue in an instant, rich and creamy. People serve it with rice, fried plantains, fufu, or bobolo during festivals or festivities (fermented cassava dish wrapped in leaves).


The history of Kenya’s staple dish, Ugali dating back to the 19th century

. [Photo courtesy]

Ugali, also known as posho, nshima, or ugali pap, is made from ground white corn, similar to how tamales are cooked in Central America from yellow corn. It has a bland flavour and is typically served as a side dish with vegetable or meat curries and soups. Ugali makes up the majority of the meal in most households in Africa.

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