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9 African Cities With the Best Coffee to Enjoy Over Easter

african cities with the best coffee
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A cup of great coffee is a reason enough to add a place to your bucket list which is why we’re bringing you a sweet tale of African cities with the best coffee. Africa produces 12% of the coffee beans consumed in the world.

For this reason, each city in the coffee-growing areas within the continent has an enchanting coffee culture. Each cup represents a unique tale of custom, taste, and community. African cities, like Nairobi and Addis Ababa, provide a unique sensory experience when it comes to the world of coffee.

Which are the African Cities With the Best Coffee?

Coffee lovers have a cult-like covenant with this beverage. They will travel for miles just to get it right. And See Africa Today tells you about 9 African cities with the best coffee.

1. Nairobi, Kenya

african cities with the best coffee

African Coffee. Photo/TripAdvisor

Kenya is synonymous with high-quality Arabica beans, and Nairobi serves as its coffee hub. Here, history meets modern flair at the iconic Java House, established in 1999 and credited with kickstarting Kenya’s speciality coffee scene. Sample a Kenyan Peaberry at Artisan Coffee, or delve into the world of single-origin pour-overs at Dunga Coffee House.

In addition to having excellent coffee, these cafes have a warm atmosphere that is ideal for meeting up with friends or working from a distance. Kenya is the world’s third-largest coffee producer, exporting over 800,000 metric tons annually.

2. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Ethiopia’s Traditional Coffee Ceremony That Has Withstood The Test Of Time

Typical Ethiopian coffee. [Photo by CGTN]

Ethiopia is the legend behind coffee’s discovery, and Addis Ababa is among the African cities with the best coffee. Seek out Tomoca Coffee, a national chain known for its traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremonies. Yirga, specializing in Yirgacheffe beans, a prized Ethiopian origin, offers a more contemporary experience. Coffee ceremonies are also popular in Addis as Ethiopia remains Africa’s largest coffee producer, with an annual output exceeding 4.5 million metric tons.

3. Kampala, Uganda

Uganda’s bustling capital city of Kampala is home to a growing coffee culture that is being driven by the nation’s extensive coffee history. One of Africa’s leading producers of coffee, Uganda is renowned for its robust Robusta beans. Coffee lovers in Kampala can enjoy locally sourced beverages at well-known establishments like Prunes Cafe and Endiro Coffee. In addition to serving customers wonderful coffee, these cafés serve as a platform for advancing Uganda’s coffee sector and helping out local coffee farmers.

4. Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Abidjan is Ivory Coast’s metropolitan centre for enjoying this newfound prominence in the coffee industry. Ivory Coast is a rising star in the West African coffee sector. A local franchise called Carte Noire Cafe provides a rich flavour of Ivorian coffee culture. Visit Couleur Cafe, renowned for emphasizing locally sourced, single-origin beans, for a more artisanal experience. With more than two million metric tons of coffee exported each year, Ivory Coast is the fourth-largest coffee producer in Africa.

5. Kigali, Rwanda

There is a good reason why Kigali appears among African cities with the best coffee. Rwandan coffee is known for its superb quality, and Kigali has plenty of cafes that are proud to serve it. Locals love Question Coffee, and INZOGO Coffee Shop provides a farm-to-table dining experience. Despite its diminutive size, Rwanda produces and exports more than 200,000 metric tons of speciality coffee annually, earning it a reputation for excellence.

6. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

african cities with the best coffee

A cup of African coffee. Photo/Food Business Africa

Tanzania produces a lot of coffee, and Dar es Salaam provides a flavour of the country’s extensive coffee history. A laid-back setting is offered by The Coffee Shop & Bakery for enjoying Tanzanian coffee. For a more conventional encounter, stop into Mama Asha, a neighbourhood cafe renowned for its potent drink. Tanzania exports more than 170,000 metric tons of coffee annually, placing it fifth in Africa for coffee output.

7. Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

Kinshasa is a great place to start exploring DRC’s extensive coffee-growing regions. One of the most popular places to get Congolese coffee is ArtCafe. In addition to a wide selection of coffees, Cafe Culture has a lively atmosphere. With annual exports of more than 100,000 metric tons, the Democratic Republic of Congo is one of Africa’s major producers of coffee.

8. Bujumbura, Burundi

Burundi’s charming capital city, Bujumbura, provides a distinctive coffee experience with a touch of East African flair. Arabica beans, a Bourbon variety prized for its sweetness and flowery scents, are native to Burundi. Burundian coffee is available for all to enjoy in Bujumbura in charming cafés like La Bella Italia and Jumia Café. Locals love La Fontaine Coffee and Ipanema Bar which offer a laid-back atmosphere for Burundian coffee. Burundi produces more coffee than it consumes, exporting more than 160,000 metric tons a year.

9. Cape Town, South Africa

The coffee industry in South Africa is flourishing, and Cape Town is a refuge for both regional roasters and global corporations.  Visit Sey Coffee for a sample of finely prepared drinks or Truth Coffee, renowned for its commitment to responsibly sourced beans. Even though it isn’t a big producer, South Africa roasts and processes coffee beans for export. Cape Town contributes greatly to the growing coffee culture here. It is a good reason as to why it ranks in the list of African cities with the best coffee.

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