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5 things to carry when visiting Ghana

5 things to carry when visiting Ghana
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A trip to Ghana is the perfect choice to spend a holiday or a vacation. This West African country has some of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Africa. The forts, castles and beaches have won the hearts of many including former US President Barrack Obama.

However, while this trip is well-deserved, what to have during the vacation here, especially if you are not familiar with the country’s way of life, stands out as a major challenge for many people, the end result is making the vacation somewhat, stressful. This said, if you are planning on taking that trip to Ghana, there are several things that should be in your list:

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Hiking, forest excursions and visits to historical sites call for a backpack. If you plan on visiting Kumasi, Cape Coast or Kakum National Park, you will need a backpack to help you in holding some of the important things for this exploration.


In a tropical country, heat is the other name that describes it even with rainfall pounding. To keep your skin safe for those who have issues with acclimatization, sunscreen is highly recommended.

Treated Mosquito net /repellant for campers

In case you are spending your nights in a camp, make sure you have a treated mosquito net with you. You can also use insect-repellants to keep off mosquitoes which are the biggest nuisance not only in Ghana but in West Africa as a whole.

Light clothing

Ghana is generally a very hot country. Some light clothing comes in handy with this tropical climate.

Take a malaria jab/pills

Needless to say, heat is a recipe for chaos between people and mosquitoes. To be on the safe side, it is recommended that you take a malaria jab or pills beforehand or upon arrival in Ghana.

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