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The beauty of Kora National Park in Kenya’s driest area

The beauty of Kora National Park in Kenya’s driest area
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The beauty of Tana River County is a tall tale of the unthinkable in an African park situated in one of the arid areas of Kenya.

However, dry conditions notwithstanding, the existence of Kora National Park “The Last Wilderness” which was established by George and Joy Adamson in the 70s has given Tana River a new face in the tourism front.

Kora National Park is located 125 km east of Mount Kenya. It started as a nature reserve in 1973 before being gazetted as a national park in 1989. It measures 1,788 square kilometres.

The best of Kora National Park is the amazing Adamson’s Falls, Grand Falls and the Kora Rapids which redefine the nature of Tana River. The Falls, by and large, are critical water towers supporting the survival of thousands of wild animals.


Kora National Park

Kora Park Adamsons Fall Bridge. [Photo courtesy]

Interestingly, the topography of the park is a masterpiece with peneplain coated by ridges at the bottom which are then transformed into rocky inselbergs and domed hills. The highest point of the inselbergs are Mansumbi at 488m, Kumbulanwa at 450m and Kora Rock at 442m and are all filled with shrubby herbs and tiny wind-blown trees.

Kora National Park

Aerial View Of Kora National Park. [Photo courtesy]

Throughout the park, several seasonal rivers are snaking their way through scenic undulating hills filled with acacia bushland dot the park. Here, caracals, Tanzanian Cheetah, African bush elephants, hippos, genets, striped hyenas, leopards, lions, serval and wildcats and antelopes roam freely.

A riverine forest in one section of the park and inselbergs makes it a unique tourist destination

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