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10 Reasons To Visit Rwanda in December

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There are many reasons to visit Rwanda. For nature lovers, thrill seekers and culture enthusiasts alike, a journey to Rwanda promises breathtaking scenery and unique experiences. There’s something for everyone in this beautiful country. From its stunning mountain vistas to its unspoiled beaches and beyond, Rwanda is a fantastic vacation destination full of reasons to visit.

Is Rwanda Good for Tourists?

Rwanda is a wonderful place to visit and explore, offering an array of reasons why tourists should flock there. The country is considered one of the safest places in Africa, with political stability and low crime levels, making it an ideal tourist destination. The beautiful sights in Rwanda – such as its rolling hills, mountains, and volcanoes – leave many visitors mesmerized by their beauty. Ultimately, there are countless reasons why Rwanda should be high on any tourist’s list of places to visit.

What is Special in Rwanda?

Rwanda is known for its astounding mountain gorillas, with a remarkable 400 of these majestic primates adorning the lush rainforests of Volcanoes National Park. But this tiny country holds so much more within it; ten accessible tracking groups await exploration and appreciation, for example.

As well as being a prime destination for Gorilla tracking, Rwanda has an incredible amount to offer visitors in terms of culture, adventure and even educational trips. Here are 10 reasons why you should visit Rwanda:

1. The Captivating Mountain Gorillas Of Rwanda

Reasons to Visit Rwanda

Reasons to Visit Rwanda. Photo/ achieveglobalsafaris.

Inspired by the pioneering conservation of Dian Fossey and her peers, mountain gorillas are beloved by people worldwide. If you long for a face-to-face encounter with these creatures in their natural state, plan your trip to Volcanoes Park. As passionate advocates strive against habitat destruction and other dangers placed on this majestic species, they assembled an outstanding system that safeguards gorillas today and ensures they continue flourishing.

The Rwandan government restricts the number of people allowed to visit the gorillas daily. This guarantees the safety and well-being of the species. Visiting them is highly regulated; you will need to book a guided tour in advance, pay a permit fee and commit to abiding by all instructions provided by your guide. Your visit should be an exceptional experience as these incredible creatures are accustomed to human visitors, providing extraordinary opportunities for observing and taking photos.

2. Kigali

reasons to visit Rwanda

cityscape, Kigali, Rwanda. Photo/Rough Guides

Kigali is the bustling capital of Rwanda and a great place to discover the country’s unique and vibrant culture. You’ll find a clean and safe atmosphere in Kigali filled with engaging cultural activities, from modern art galleries to fashion shows, local artisanal crafts and even the world-renowned coffee co-op operated by women – producing arguably some of the best coffee in existence.

3. Visit Akagera National Park For A Serene Adventure


Akagera National Park. Photo/Journeys By Design

Akagera National Park is a stunning reserve located on the border with Tanzania. This wilderness area is home to incredible wildlife, such as elephants, giraffes, lions and leopards. Set out on a thrilling safari to explore the park’s lush landscapes and observe its wild animals in their natural habitats.

4. Climb Up The Thousand Hills Of Rwanda

reasons to visit Rwanda

Gishwati forest. Photo/ Wikimedia Commons.

Rwanda is “The Land of a Thousand Hills”, and its gorgeous terrain is ideal for outdoor adventurers. Bike or hike through the hills, taking in breathtaking views of mountain ranges and valleys and plenty of wildlife species along the way. You can also challenge yourself with some climbing on Rwanda’s tallest peaks.

5. Experience The Charming Culture Of Rwanda

Rwanda culture, and traditions

Rwanda culture, and traditions. Photo/

With over 8 million people from three different ethnic groups (the Hutu, Tutsi and Twa), Rwanda has created a diverse cultural landscape with powerful stories worth exploring. One of the reasons to visit Rwanda is getting to know its people’s vibrant culture and heritage.

As one of Africa’s oldest cultures, you’ll find many fascinating elements, such as traditional storytelling, folklore, art and music, that can provide a unique insight into life in this beautiful country. Get to know the Rwandese way of life from its people. Take part in traditional ceremonies, explore local markets and sample some delicious food. 

6. Explore The Volcanoes Of Musanze

The northern part of Rwanda is dotted with five volcanoes, known collectively as the Virunga Mountains. They are an incredible sight to behold from afar and make for a truly unique experience up close. Visit one of the volcano’s base camps in Musanze and go on hikes to get stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

7. World-Class Hiking & Trekking

Rwanda is ideal for a vibrant outdoor vacation if you dream of scaling and exploring the African highlands. Nyungwe Forest and Volcanoes Park provide outstanding networks of trails that take you to some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world. 

8. Rising From The Past

One of the reasons to visit Rwanda is to know and understand its tumultuous history. Explore the genocide memorial sites in person for invaluable insight into the nation’s incredible transformation.

Scattered around this beautiful country are reminders of its 1994 tragedy that have remained untouched since they were first set up. Through these powerful locations, visitors can connect to a past that has been long forgotten yet never fully erased from memory. You can become part of Rwanda’s healing process by visiting these sites.

9. Unique & Unforgettable Beach Escape

Picture yourself traversing through Rwanda’s lush, verdant rainforests, spending time with chimpanzees, and visiting the history-laden abodes of Rwandan kings. Now add to that vision a short trip to Lake Kivu. This is one of the 18th deepest lakes on Earth.

The lake encompasses 2,700 square kilometres at an elevation of 1,460 meters. The lake is home to some breathtaking beaches perfect for rejuvenation. Believe it or not, this is Central Africa’s premier beach retreat waiting for you in Rwanda.

Take advantage of the sun-kissed beaches and enjoy its crystal clear blue waters with various activities, from kayaking to swimming, fishing or simply lazing around on the beach. And if you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, explore the mysteries of underwater caves and discover the local wildlife. With world-class services and amenities, Lake Kivu is an absolute must-visit destination in Rwanda.

10. Best Hotels and Resorts

Bisate Lodge Rwanda

The interior of Bisate Lodge Rwanda. Photo/KT PRESS.

Rwanda offers a diverse of accommodations to suit any budget. From the all-inclusive luxury resorts around Lake Kivu to the unique lodges and guesthouses, Rwanda caters to all tastes and stay styles. Whether you’re looking for an eco-friendly lodge like Bisate Lodge, the Gorilla View Lodge or a more traditional hotel like the Kigali Serena Hotel, you’ll find your perfect home away from home in Rwanda.

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