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Why You’d Choose Serval Wildlife Day Trip Over Serengeti Safari

serval wildlife day trip
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Did you know that you can enjoy the stunning beauty of Mt Kilimanjaro in a different way which is a Serval Wildlife day trip? Better still, the probability of meeting the love of your life here is incredibly high.

The sanctuary has a reputation for hosting beautiful women and capable men, looking for love in nature. Its ecotourism front is also inviting for many wanderlust families around the world. This wildlife sanctuary located in Siha District within Kilimanjaro, Arusha offers Africa’s most unique safari adventure.

What Does Serval Wildlife Day Trip Offer?

If you ever dream of an exclusive and eventful safari park experience, Serval Wildlife day trip is the answer. The sanctuary is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for a magical, unique, and unmatched adventure! Having its hallmark in ecotourism, be sure to enjoy your time at the lodge.  As home to magnificent wildlife living here; you will give anything for a breathtaking moment with friendly giraffes and zebras.

Serval Wildlife day trip

Serval Wildlife. Photo/Instagram/Serval Wildlife

Serval allows its visitors to feed giraffes and zebras within the sanctuary. It is not uncommon to bump into amazing images of gorgeous men, women and children enjoying an unrivalled Serval Wildlife day trip safari experience. What’s even better in your trip to this sanctuary is the billion-dollar scenery on either end of the park. A stay at the eco-lodge invites you to a moment of visual fascination with the marvellous views of Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru from the luxurious 5-star villas.

Subsequently, explore the sanctuary’s meticulously designed ecosystem with over 3000 hand-planted unique flora. This directly benefits the amazing wildlife at Serval. African lions, Columbus monkeys, elegant Masai giraffes, nocturnal Bat-eared Foxes, exquisite elands, oafish ostriches, and mischievous blue and vervet monkeys call this place home! You have a unique moment with up-close encounters with all these animals while still being safe.

How Much Does it Cost to go to Serval Wildlife?

Serval Wildlife day trip entrance fee is $200 per hour per person for non-Tanzanian citizens aged 13 and above. Further, it costs $100 per hour per person for children aged between 4 to 12 who are non-Tanzanian citizens.

Serval Wildlife

Serval Wildlife. Photo/Instagram/Serval Wildlife

Meanwhile, Tanzanian citizens below age 13 pay $12 while adults who are citizens of Tanzania pay $40. Charging per hour creates limited interaction time with the animals thereby effectively managing their stress levels. Additionally, a higher, hourly fee charged ensures that a high-quality experience has been achieved. As a matter of fact, it is the main reason that visitors enjoy personal feeding episodes and petting.

Lastly, by charging per hour, Serval Wildlife limits the number of visitors at any given time. This creates a less crowded environment for both the animals and the visitors unlike in traditional safaris.

Which Country in Africa has Best Wildlife?

The best African country with the best wildlife is subjective to personal preferences and experiences. However, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Uganda and Zambia have some of the best safari experiences in Africa. While at it, Serval Wildlife day trip has a unique aspect premised on its real-time animal-visitor experience.

serval wildlife day trip

Serval Wildlife. Photo/Instagram/Serval Wildlife

Serval explains that all this is based on the two behavioural philosophies that drive animals to actively seek out interactions situation-related behaviour and survival-critical behaviour. The term “survival critical interactions” refers to behavioural responses ingrained in DNA, such as the need to find food, avoid danger, and stay healthy. Animal relationships become situation-related after these demands are regularly satisfied.

Since all of their fundamental needs are satisfied and often exceeded at the sanctuary, the animals are calmer and are more likely to display situation-related behaviours than survival-critical ones. Judging from thousands of photos on its Instagram page, it is true that this behavioural analysis keeps the animals calm and friendly.


At Serval Wildlife, ensuring constructive and enriching interactions for animals is paramount. The dedicated and knowledgeable keepers prioritize safety, health, and welfare. Each interaction varies day by day as guests must wait for the animals to approach, allowing them to engage at their own pace. This approach grants animals the freedom to end interactions by departing the area, fostering natural and respectful encounters between humans and wildlife. So, the time is right to add Serval Wildlife day trip to your bucket list and capture those moments in the beautiful lodge.

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