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Important travelling items to carry to South Africa

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South Africa is a top travel destination in the Southern part of the African continent. The country has a dynamic tourism industry and a key driver to the nation’s economy.

From renowned game parks, magnificent shopping malls, fashion houses, wineries among others, South Africa has positioned itself as the leading travel destination in Southern Africa. The many activities to engage in makes it a little bit daunting to put together a packing list. However, this article explores in depth what you require for your maiden trip to South Africa.

1. Travel insurance

This should be on top of your packing list. World Nomads is the leading insurance provider due to their ease of purchase and versatility. The insurance covers a wide range including adventures and rental cars.

2. Visa

Although South Africa has allowed citizens of 48 countries to visit visa-free for 90 days. The UK, US, Canada, Australia valid passport holders are among those that can enter the country visa-free with a Visitors Temporary Permit up to 3 months. it is always advisable to double-check your visa requirements before visiting any country. 

3. Yellow Fever Card

Initially, visitors from countries flagged as Yellow Fever risk zones were the only one not allowed into the country without a Yellow Fever card, Nonetheless, it is proper to get a yellow fever vaccination.

4. International Driving Permit

If you are planning on renting a car to move around with while in South Africa, you require an International Driving Permit, especially if your Driving license is printed in another language other than English.

5. Money/Debit card/Credit card

Credit cards are widely used in South Africa and are safe. 

6. Pacsafe

Valuables such as cameras, laptops, passports and other valuables are quite hard to store while travelling to a foreign country but the Pacsafe is a guarantee of keeping your belongings safe.

7. Camera and Binoculars

What would be a trip to South Africa without a camera s to capture the epic moments at the national parks? In particular, a visit to Kruger National Park calls for a camera with a powerful lens – one that can take clear shots from a distance. Binoculars take you closer where your naked eyes cannot see. The beauty of some of South Africa’s landscapes is brought about through binoculars.

8. Malaria medication

Areas around Kruger National Park are prone to malaria, therefore, anti-malaria medication is important.

9. Portable phone & Camera charger

There is nothing so frustrating than a phone or a camera going off just when the real action begins. Documenting such moments is important, therefore, have a backup to charge your phone and other electronic gadgets you need for the safari.

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