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Enjoy A Soul-Healing Retreat In Upcoming Lamu Yoga Festival

Yoga Festival Retreat
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Lamu Island in Kenya’s Coast has since time immemorial been a haven for tourists, both domestic and international tourists. One of the biggest reasons why Lamuis a top destination is the Lamu Yoga Festival.

Lamu Yoga Festival is one of the diverse cultural festivals that go down in Lamu Island, a popular destination for anyone who is thrilled by the Swahili culture. Though the Covid-19 pandemic nearly crushed everything, the 8th edition of Lamu Yoga Festival is scheduled to go down from March 11 to March 14, 2021, as the Lamu Yoga Retreat. Interested individuals will pay up to $310 for the retreat.

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The four-day festival is one of a kind, with the best yoga practices and lessons being given in a rather unique setting. It could be on a boat sailing in the middle of the island within the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean or along the white-sandy shoreline of the ocean. Both experiences are enchanting just as they are eye-opening.

After the pandemic, it has been branded to Lamu Yoga Retreat which will take place in historic island towns such as Shela Beach in Shela, Lamu Town and Manda Island. More than 100 yoga classes led by a dozen trainers is expected to go down during the retreat.

Besides the thrilling yoga sessions, the carnival has workshops and meditation session too. Coupled together, Lamu Yoga Festival would pass off easily as a mental wellbeing workshop but yoga still retains the top position because it is the hallmark on which the festival rides on.
Yoga during the festival is redefined and goes to highs of practising aerial yoga and the early bird yoga at Shela Beach with magnificent views of sunrise together with the calm wafts of relaxing ocean breeze.

A busy day of mind relaxation activities with traits of adventure in the ocean goes down with a rich Swahili cuisine for dinner which you could take in Sunset Dhow Sail.

Deep into the night, the beauty of the bubby Lamu Island shimmers brightly above a huge bonfire as you curl up and enjoy a drink of your choice to while away the evening. These are the things organizers of the event have said they find therapeutic and beautify the existence of the island.

When the Covid-19 pandemic struck in March 2020, Lamu Yoga Festival left an indelible mark of support as it moved into a charity to feed the vulnerable in Lamu who were left with no means of income due to the pandemic.

With an untold future with the pandemic, the retreat is poised to heal the mind of those who will be in attendance whilst giving them a full dose of life in the island town on Lamu.

Lamu Island is world allover, known for its serenity and friendly tropical climate which is crowned by a string of Swahili-themed accommodation facilities, some of which are tastefully designed to keep your memories about them in the loop.

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Ideally, the island is not heavily populated making it a top destination if you are looking for a quiet place to forget about life’s troubles and stress of life. The sandy roads are ideal for walks and a little bit of jogging. You will hardly bump into a car on these roads.

As is tradition, there is no better way to appreciate a different culture than by sampling its food and in Lamu Island, your taste buds go to a new culinary delight as the Swahili food is deeply tantalizing. From a plate of deliciously prepared fresh seafood to the organic foods of the land, you will enjoy part of your stay.

Lamu is not only a tourist cultural centre but a perfect getaway to heal your soul and mind through nature’s inspirations.

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