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6 exciting places to visit in Mombasa, Kenya

6 exciting places to visit in Mombasa, Kenya
Written by See Africa Today

Every year, thousands of visitors, local and international, throng the coastal beaches of Mombasa and leave with tales of Kenya’s coastal city.

From sandy beaches, immersing yourself in the Swahili culture, touring historic places and engaging in a plethora of fun-filled activities, Mombasa gives one of the best travel experiences in East Africa.

While in this town that has a lot of colonial significance due to the Indian Ocean, the following activities will make your stay memorable.

Visit Fort Jesus

Fort Jesus is perhaps one of the few remaining colonial structures in the country. It was built by the Portuguese between 1593-1596. It was built in Italian design and was used as an armoury for the Portuguese military. 

Its compound is presently dotted by people showcasing various culture, exhibitions in ceramics and pottery, neglected colonial buildings such as Omani house with deep Swahili culture.

Fort Jesus became a national park in 1958, and in 2011 it became a UNESCO World Heritage Site, marked as one of the most brilliant structures from the 16th century.

Fort Jesus

Kenya’s historic Fort Jesus in Mombasa. [Photo by Culture trip]

Beach visit

There are several public and private beaches. The best beaches for sun-bathing, strolling and swimming are in Diani, Bamburi and Nyali. They also have the best of Swahili dishes.

One of the beaches in Mombasa, Kenya. [ africanmeccasfariscom]

Visit the Old Town

As the name suggests, it is the oldest town in Mombasa. It was inhabited by the Portuguese, Asians and Arabs. The one noticeable architectural designs in Old Town is the uniquely-carved doors which date back to the 19th-century wood carvings. The design is also extended to balconies supported by carved wooden brackets.

Haller Park nature trip

Haller Park is a nature park and sanctuary for orphaned and lost wildlife. Haller Park was formerly known as Bamburi Nature trails and was recreated to an ecological area from the ravages of an old quarry. The nature park plays host to a variety of wildlife such as zebras, hippos, buffalos, giraffes, waterbucks, Oryx and Elands, Green Vervet, and monkeys. For the bird lovers a variety can be sighted especially in the morning and they include Grey heron, black heron, sacred Ibis, plovers, African fish eagle, Narina trogon, pied kingfisher, egret, golden palm weaver, yellow-tailed egret, black-headed weaver and the golden weaver.  

Haller Nature Park

Haller Nature Park in Mombasa is really magical. [Photo by Binny’s food & Travel diaries]

Snorkelling and Scuba Diving

The Mombasa Marine National Park takes care of all your marine-related activities. Snorkelling and scuba diving are very common.


Mombasa Go-kart is located on Malindi Road and it is a fun-filled family activity. The Go-Kart track has an African charm driving under palm trees where one may come across camels, donkeys and turtles.

Kids karts are well designed where speed is controlled remotely by guardians.

A Go-Kart track with African charme. You drive under palm trees, and on which other Go-Kart track will you find camels and donkeys and turtles?

Besides the African touch, the place is on top standard with well maintained and fast Swiss Hutless Go-Karts and a state of the art timing system. For kids, the karts have remote-controlled speed governors, so that the speed can be electronically reduced.

Go-karting is a popular sporting activity in Mombasa, Kenya. [Photo by HapaKenya]

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