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5 Coldest Countries in Africa But are Strikingly Beautiful

coldest countries in africa
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Which are the 5 coldest countries in Africa? Many people know Africa as a continent that enjoys year-round warmth. However, temperatures here vary as some countries experience bone-chilling temperatures that pose problems for both the environment and the people who call those places home.

From Lesotho, also known as ‘The Kingdom of Sky‘, to the popular tourist destination Morocco, we explore the African nations famous for their teeth-clattering, frost-bitten beauty. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the 5 coldest countries in Africa.

1. Lesotho

5 coldest countries in africa

Lesotho is the coldest country in Africa. Photo/ Tracks4Africa Blog.

Situated high in the southern part of Africa, Lesotho is cooler than many countries in the world. Temperatures here can range from an astonishing 0°F to a relatively mild 82°F, which creates a climate spectrum as diverse as its landscapes. Lesotho covers an area of 30,355 square kilometres and it is the only state in the world that sits above 1,000 metres. Its climate is cooler than in many other parts of the world are at the same latitude.

In Lesotho, it gets so cold that dams, streams, rivers and waterfalls get completely frozen. As a result, it’s not surprising to see the nation at the summit of 5 coldest countries in Africa. The last glacial period in Lesotho led to the formation of blockfields, blockstreams and solifluction deposits in the higher parts of the country.

2. Morocco 

According to sources, the lowest recorded temperature in Africa was -11°F which was measured in Morocco. The North African country gets very cold during winter, which begins in December and ends in March, with temperatures ranging from a chilly 17°F to a sweltering 104°F. The coldest month is usually January and this is the time when the popular Atlas Mountains is usually full of snow.

Unlike Lesotho and many other countries around the world, the sun shines in Morocco during winter which means that people usually go around with their business as usual. Tourism is usually on despite the chilly weather conditions and winter is the best time to visit Morocco is you like fewer crowds, fewer line-ups and plenty of accommodation options to choose from.

3. South Africa

South Africa

Cold weather in South Africa. Photo/

South Africa, with its temperatures ranging from a cool 3.2°F to a scorching 104°F, is one of the 5 coldest countries in Africa. During winter, which occurs between June and August, temperatures do drop significantly in interior regions and high altitude zones of South Africa such as the popular Drakensberg Mountains. In fact, it gets too cold in some parts such that it snows.

Traditionally, Sutherland is the coldest town in South Africa. The Free State Province and towns located along the Lesotho border also get very cold especially during winter. South Africa’s diverse geography plays a role in its varied temperatures.

4. Tanzania 

Well, it might come as a surprise to many that Tanzania is among the 5 coldest countries in Africa considering it is positioned near the equator. According to sources, the East African nation maintains a relatively moderate climate with temperatures ranging from 59°F to 68°F.

During winter in Tanzania, temperatures can drop as low as 40°F. Despite the cold, tourism still goes during this period as Tanzania has plenty of places to explore regardless of the time of the year. The East African country is one of the leading destinations for tourists who want to enjoy an African safari, beautiful beaches or landscapes such as the famous Mount Kilimanjaro.


Tanzania is one of the 5 coldest countries in Africa. Photo/ Serengeti National Park.

5. Kenya

Despite being situated directly on the equator, Kenya is generally sunny, dry and temperate most of the year. During winter, it gets too cold, especially in the capital Nairobi and neighbouring regions such as Kiambu and Mount Kenya areas. Kenya’s temperature ranges from 0°F to 77°F and this unique climate experience is majorly contributed to by the country’s diverse topography.

Which Country in Africa Is Coldest?

Lesotho, a country completely surrounded by South Africa, is the coldest country in Africa. Here, temperatures go as low as -10°C during winter (May to August) and the winter average hovers around 0°C. Lesotho is very mountainous and holds the world record for the highest low point of any country.

What Are the Top 5 Coldest Countries?

  • Russia
  • Canada
  • Greenland
  • Iceland
  • Finland

What Is the Hottest Country in Africa?

The title of the hottest country in Africa goes to Mali. Whereas the southern parts of Mali have a semi-arid climate that receives very little rainfall, most part of the country experience a predominantly hot desert climate, particularly in the northern regions.

What Is the Coldest Town in Africa?

Africa’s coldest city, Ifrane in Morocco, recorded Africa’s coldest temperature ever at −11.0 °F in 1935.

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