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Breaking Down the Cost of a Dream African Safari [ 2022 ]

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For those who always fantasize about going on safari, it’s beneficial to have a general idea of the associated costs. This article explains the rationale behind the fees to help you see why an African Safari is worthwhile.

First things first. There is no vacation on the earth that compares to a safari to Africa. Nothing comes close to it in terms of experience, excitement, and happiness, particularly for a family.

Wholly customized, tailor-made trips are the way to go and should be precisely what you’re looking for in a safari.

Why is an Expensive African Safari an Investment Worth Making?

African safari experiences are the ideal cure to the modern world’s worries. It is an exceptionally evolving holiday for estranged families due to their busy lives.

African Safari

Jao Camp, Okavango Delta. Photo/Natural World SafarisSafa

A safari is ideal as it brings families closer. Africa gives you the thrill when on foot, boat, camel, horseback, and possibly a quad bike. This is why Africa is so popular with families. The range of experiences is critical to the success of any holiday (but mainly a safari).

What is it Like to Travel to Africa on a High-end, Luxury Safari?

We haven’t even discussed lodging yet. You may charter a luxury mobile camp or a safari home exclusively for your family. You could also stay in an intimate safari lodge. Or even a treehouse! While I mentioned adolescents, safaris are fantastic for families of all ages. Your travel and lodging arrangements can be customized to each family and individual’s age group, demographic, interests, and hobbies.

However, a safari is not only about where you stay; the experience is what matters most. I recommend that you incorporate a cultural component that is engaging, enlightening, and informative. You can spend time with families or tribes and learn about their way of life across centuries and how they have adapted to modern Westernization.

The pièce de résistance is a philanthropic safari in which you visit a humanitarian project as part of a safari (or, indeed, an entire safari if you like). This could be conservation-related, community-based, or humanitarian. Once again, this results in an entirely new, enlightened, and richer experience.

How Much Does a Luxury Safari Cost?

Of course, like with anything in life, it is possible to accomplish things ‘cheaply’ but invariably, one gets what one pays for.

Africa safaris begin at $1000.00 per person, per night. That includes your lodging (and all the activities, which are worth it) and your meals. It may or may not include costs associated with conservation and parks.

It would be best to supplement this using internal charter flights and timetables to reach the camp, lodge, or destination. This is a base-rate, an incredible safari tailor-made to your specifications has excellent accommodation private conservancies (or national parks), and is led by expert guides.

If you wish to upgrade to a higher level of luxury, expect to pay closer to $2000.00 per person each night. This includes your lodging and, invariably, your transportation to and from the camp (scheduled flight), your activities while at the camp, your meals and beverages, and your transports from and to the airfield. Typically, this includes laundry.

What other factors need considering? Allow us to consider a camp similar to Mombo in Botswana. This retails for between $2500 and $4000.00 per person, per night (depending on the season). This is the most expensive option and includes lodging, activities, and meals. However, whether scheduled or charter, additional flights, are required to get there.

If not constrained by school holidays, you can head out during the ‘green season in Africa’. For those looking to make significant savings, now is the ideal time to vacation!

It is an opportune moment of the year to go to Africa, provided you can tolerate the heat and the possibility of rainfall. However, the game viewing remains as good as ever, if not better, in some regions!

Why is a Luxury Safari to Africa so Exorbitantly Priced?

You may be wondering, “why is it so costly?” This is a simple question to answer. How many bedrooms does the average hotel have? Twenty-one? Forty-six? One hundred and twenty-one? Calculate the operating costs and amortize them over the number of guests.

The average luxury camp in Africa, on the other hand, comprises just eight tents or rooms.

Suppose you are going on a private mobile safari in the manner which Hemingways did in the 1930s and 1940s. In that case, you must factor in the cost of the camp and crew, the vehicle, and the guide.

Include auxiliary costs such as fuel, food, and park fees. While two people can use a personal mobile phone, the economics become more favourable when a family of four, six, or more is involved.

africa safari cost

Dressed for An African safari. [Photo: Fashion Gone Rogue]

Secondly, you must examine the costs of acquiring raw materials—fuel and food. The expenditures of operating a camp in Africa are too high. Land Cruisers may cost up to $100,000 before they’re customized! This does not include the ongoing costs of replacing those monstrous tyres.

Food is costly, frequently flown in from Arusha or, in some cases, Italy or South Africa, and duty is hefty. The same is true for wine if you are visiting one of those African countries that do not produce wine.

Finally, many of these camps are unable to operate throughout the year. In the worst-case scenario, some camps run for three months of the year, others for six, and the majority for approximately ten months. Therefore, their billing factors in months when they are not operational.

Therefore, invest in your safari, financially and in terms of time. You owe it to yourself to plan appropriately. You owe it to yourself to get this right. Alternatively, make use of tour and travel companies.

This way, you are confident that you get the best deal for an African safari. When you do this, regardless of how much money you spend, you know you’re getting a terrific deal!

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