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4 reasons why you should visit Senegal in 2020

4 reasons why you should visit Senegal in 2020
Written by See Africa Today

Senegal’s vibrant nature and rich culture are as exciting as the white sandy beaches around the country.

A former French protectorate, Senegal has a lot to offer her visitors and it never disappoints. Good food, kind-hearted people and a variety of places to visit all around Senegal. 

In 2020, a visit to Senegal for holiday would be ideally premised on these factors:

Amazing beaches

Beach in Saly, Senegal

Beach in Saly, Senegal. [Photo by]

Beautiful beaches across the country’s coastline from South of Dakar City to the Petite Cote leave behind a trail of pristine beaches. Talking of beaches, Saly steals the show and is the most popular beach in Senegal. Though crowded due to its captivating amenities, it is the real deal.

A few miles from here is the serene but prestigious Tama Lodge known for its rich menu on local dishes and cabins on the edge of the beach flanked by palm trees. The comfort that comes with its sun loungers is unrivalled.

Bubbly Dakar

Dakar Senegal

Dakar Senegal [Photo by YouTube]

What could your expectations of Dakar be? Well, it is Senegal’s capital offering the best of Senegal’s traditional and modern world. The culture in Dakar is deeply authentic and fascinating.

Mamelles and La Calebasse neighbourhoods are known for their appetizing African and local cuisine in uniquely designed rooftops. HLM market is your next stop for coloured African prints at reasonable prices. For less than $2, you can get yourself a 1-metre African print fabric. For a night away, Le Viking buzzes with all types of music genre.

Historical and National Parks

Goree Island Senegal

Goree Island Senegal [Photo by Britannica]

Not far from Dakar City that you find yourself in the historic Goree Island. Ile de Goree served as a prolific slave hub in the 18th century. The structures still stand as a reminder of the dark days this part of the country went through.

A short distance away from Goree is Isles de la Madeleine National Park. The boat ride to this place is epic for $9. The national park is surrounded by beautiful beaches and rocky cliffs.

Plenty of seafood

In this part of Africa, fish is a delicacy you can’t skip in your meals. The most amazing thing is how it is prepared; it leaves you with the urge for more and more! In fact, thieboudienne, Senegal’s national dish is prepared with grilled fish and sprinkles of spices and served with spicy tomato rice or cassava and carrots.

Peppered oysters, prawns and squid are also very popular among locals. 

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