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Top 5 honeymoon spots in Tunisia in 2019

Top 5 honeymoon spots in Tunisia in 2019
Written by See Africa Today

Tunisia is one of those places in North Africa that redefine your love life in ways that only nature can explain. The Mediterranean sea with all its magnificence makes a honeymoon or vacation an experience worth it.


Tabarka, Tunisia

A view of the beach at Tabarka, Tunisia – Tabarka Travel Guide

It is an area within the Mediterranean sea that is lush green with a strong scent of eucalyptus and breathtaking sceneries. Should you opt to spend some quality but the quiet time during your honeymoon/vacation, visit the green town of Tabarka.

Tabarka’s history is a colourful mosaic of Berber, Punic, Hellenistic, Roman, Islamic, Genoese and Turkish culture. The town is dominated by an offshore rock on which is remains a Genoese castle.

Blue and White Charm

Blue and White Charm in Tunisia

A beautiful view of the Blue and White Charm in Tunisia – Ainsley DS

The blue houses and white shutters are a sight to fall in love within the tiny Sidi Bou Said village in the north-eastern part of Tunisia. The village placed atop a hill gives you some of the best views of the surrounding landscapes.


Hotel Club Thapsus in Mahdia, Tunisia

Hotel Club Thapsus in Mahdia, Tunisia – Itaka

Mahdia is a small city town is located on the south of Tunisia and is host to the country’s most beautiful beach, Salakta beach characterised by turquoise waters, white sand, tropical lagoon and lovely dunes. Mahdia keeps its original traditions, where the women cover themselves with gold jewellery and the houses are decorated with knitted hangings.

For meal lovers, choose a refreshing octopus salad, seasoned with lemon and a splash of olive oil, or a spicy chakchouka – a stew of peppers, tomatoes and potatoes garnished with an egg.

The Virgin Charm in Kelibia


The Virgin Charm in Kelibia Tunisia

A romantic date setup at Kelibia in Tunisia – Pinterest

Though small in size, Kelibia – located in the North-East part of Tunisia – is known for its historical landmarks and beautiful tourist attraction is well-known for winemaking and fishing. These activities are a major tourist attraction in this port town which has the best panorama of Tunisia.

Besides its millinery heritage, Kelibia is known for its white sandy beaches ranked among the clearest waters worldwide. The cultural scene is vibrant all over the year, this tiny city has become a hub for young artists in the cinema industry and more.


Monastir, Tunisia

A view of the beautiful beach in Monastir, Tunisia –

Monastir, also called Mistīr, is a city on the central coast of Tunisia, in the Sahel area, It is 20 kilometres south of Sousse and 162 kilometres south of Tunis.

A superb honeymoon destination crowned by golden beaches, cultural sites and a friendly climate. Monastir puts in a world of beauty and calm as soon as you set foot in the Medina.

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