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Kenya’s First Nakuru Hotel with Automatic Elevated Parking

Taidy's Nakuru elevated parking
Written by Teresa Mwangi

If you’re in the hospitality industry, you understand the importance of ample parking besides serving delicious meals. In Kenya, Taidys Nakuru parking is a marvel and the first of Kenya’s automated parking system with multiple stacked levels.

Recently upgraded to a city, Taidy’s Hotel understands that having enough parking space is crucial for hotels. It translates to convenience, safety and overall satisfaction for customers. More importantly, it builds the dining experience.

Why is Taidy’s Restaurant Parking System in Nakuru Unique?

Taidys Nakuru parking is unique and the first of its kind in Kenya. This hotel located within the central business district of Nakuru, it offers an elevated, computerized parking system for 24 vehicles. This system has multi-layered, vertical parking slots.

It has the following benefits.

Tidy's Hotel Nakuru

Tidy’s Hotel Nakuru. Photo/TripAdvisor

Space Optimization

The smart lift parking system allows you to have more parking space for more vehicles in a small space. Such a system utilizes the vertical layering of vehicles.


The user experience is satisfactory having not to worry about where to get a parking space.


Elevated parking wades off incidences of vehicle break-ins and vandalism.

Gives a Competitive Advantage

While it’s expensive to install, it creates a competitive edge over rivals due to hassle-free parking, and its convenience.

How Does Taidy’s Hotel Parking Escalator System Work?

It starts with security checks at the basement and the driver parks the car where on-site parking sensors if or not the vehicle meets the required standards. In particular, the height and weight of the vehicle. Once it ticks these boxes, the vehicle is horizontally lifted to the multi-layered parking spaces safely.

All occupants in the vehicle disembark as soon as the system okays the vehicle for the elevated parking. When its time to leave, the operator brings down the car and rotates it at 1800 to face the exit which sums up the beauty of Taidys Nakuru parking. Additionally, it takes three minutes to park or retrieve the car which is done one at a time.

How Much Did it Cost Taidy’s Hotel to Build the Elevated Parking?

It cost Sh30 million ($200,000) to build the smart parking which took a year to complete. Sylvester Muli, the hotel’s General Manager says Taidys Nakuru parking was an innovative idea birthed by the challenge of the small space the hotel sits on.

With the smart automated system, it paid off handsomely because of space maximization and the convenience it offers guests.

“Most customers ask for secure parking space when they do bookings for our suites. Despite ours being very safe it is also private. Customers love their privacy, and this makes it our main selling point as we stand out from the rest,” Muli told Business Daily in a past interview.

“Not only does an automated parking system drastically reduce the risk of accidents while parking, but because the garage is closed to the people, there is a much lower risk of assaults or robberies associated with a traditional parking lot or garage,” he added.

Isaac Maina who is the lead operator says they service the system twice a month to increase dependability and efficiency. Given its intricate engineering, it could stall if not well-maintained.

Is Nakuru a Great Tourist Destination?

Nakuru is at the heart of the Rift Valley famous for its breathtaking sceneries, cosmopolitan nature and top-of-the-range resorts. Besides, the city has several national parks, lakes and much more. The following destinations give you a reason to visit Nakuru.

Taidys Nakuru

Taidy’s Nakuru. Photo/Twitter

Lake Nakuru: It’s your ultimate bird-watching place with flamingos, pelicans and other bird species in their thousands.

Lake Nakuru National Park: Catch the sight of giraffes, white and black rhinos, leopards zebra, lions and other wildlife here.

Hyrax Hill:  One of Kenya’s most decorated prehistoric sites popular for its archaeological explorations.

Menengai Crater: The Menengai Crater is a dormant volcano on the outskirts of Nakuru. The crater is a popular hiking and camping spot with breathtaking views.

Lake Naivasha: Tourists love the sceneries of this freshwater lake with private islands and wildlife. Catch the sight of hippos, waterbucks, and antelopes among others. Boat rides, fishing and wildlife sanctuary provide the real Kenyan adventure.

Cultural Diversity: Nakuru is cosmopolitan in nature and this gives it such amazing cultural diversity.

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