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8 Most Beautiful Sunsets in Africa Europe Loves Unconditionally

Most beautiful sunset in Africa
Written by Teresa Mwangi

How does the most beautiful sunset in Africa look like? What’s so special about it that travelers pay top dollar to just see it?

In case you haven’t heard, sunsets in Africa go beyond the vibrancy of the red, orange and pink that reflects far into a sinking horizon. They bring a lovely and calming effect especially with the shadowy figures they bring along with. Medically, the dipping sun triggers the brain to produce serotonin hormone which improves mood and sleep.

Birds chirping their evening lullabies, trees swaying to the tune the wind blows; the ocean waters calming all create untold serenity. Every location offers a different set of sunset goodies but they are as amazing as they come.

Where is the Best Sunset in Africa?

Sunset in Africa

Lamu sunset at Shella Beach. Photo/The Fort Shella

Lamu Island in Kenya is one of the most beautiful sunset in Africa. So precious is it that international and local tourists are paying exorbitant prices to see the stunning sunrises and sunsets on the different islands of the Lamu Archipelago.

Rows of boats and dhows full of tourists, attractively lined up on the beaches of Shella tell of the goodness of the Kenyans sunset. Tourists from Europe enjoy the sights of sunning setting down far into the Indian Ocean.

Ella Willian, a Norwegian visitor, says she has always made it a point to visit Lamu as often as possible just to take in the sights. Sunsets are uncommon in Norway which is in the Arctic Circle. Thus it means a lot being in Lamu, Kenya.

“This makes my country lack such unique sunrises and sunsets that I enjoy every time I visit Lamu especially here at Ras Kitau. I always spend not less than $15, 000 (Sh 2 Million) just to come to Kenya, particularly Lamu for a three-month vacation,” she tells Nation.

Does Africa Have Good Sunsets?

For as long as you live, the most beautiful sunset in Africa remains unrivalled. African sunsets are incredibly amazing which is attributed to a high concentration of dust in the atmosphere. This dust helps to refract sunlight and paint the sky in spectacular orange, red, and yellow hues. Below are other African countries with incredible sunsets.

Botswana (Makgadikgadi Pans)

Sunset in Africa

Sunset in Makgadikgadi Pans. Photo/Natural World Safaris

The famed Makgadikgadi Pans in Botswana extend into the distance and is fairly deserted but the pans have a plethora of fantastic sunset landscapes to offer. Each season gives something different.

Botswana (Chobe River)

beautiful sunset

Beautiful sunset at Chobe River. Photo/Vagabondish

Sunsets over Chobe River are breathtaking and they treat you to double dose of African ecstasy. Looking into the horizon, there is a warm orange glow reflecting on a shiny surface amplified by wildlife sights at the Chobe National Park.

Combine that with a plethora of wildlife just yards away, and you’ve got a sense of what it’s like to watch a sunset on the Chobe River.

South Africa (Cape Town)

Cape Town lives up to its scenic vibe but it also enjoys hosting guest looking forward to experiencing the most beautiful sunset in Africa. Striking mountain ranges, beaches, and the sun setting behind the sea’s surface all contribute to Cape Town’s day-to-night transition.

Seychelles (Indian Ocean Islands)

Seychelles delivers when it comes to breathtaking sunsets. This postcard-perfect environment features swaying palm trees, infinity pools and sun loungers, glittering oceans, and gorgeous beaches.

South Africa (Sabi Sand at Kruger National Park)

Located at Africa’s tourism hub that is Kruger National Park, Sabi Sand offer more than wildlife sightings. Every sunsets comes with a sundowner and it’s a longstanding tradition.

Tanzania (Serengeti)

The Serengeti is one of the best places in Africa to see a sunset due to its deep dusty hues and magnificent silhouettes. You may wonder if there really is a horizon to swallow the sun at all because the huge open plains seem to go on forever and spread as far as the eye can see.

Zimbabwe (Mana Pools)

Mana pools sunset

Mana Pools. Photo/Wine and Wild Dogs

The visual magic of Mana Pools serves you a raw sense of the most beautiful sunset in Africa. Under the shade of trees, golden light and dusty scenery combine to create a breathtaking atmosphere that can almost be felt rather than seen.

With its deep orange hues and golden undertones that dance among the trees and hang in the air, this sunset is one you won’t soon forget. It feels like you’re entering the deep interior of Africa while you are at Mana Pools and are sitting in the shadow of the trees.

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