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Do These And Enjoy Vic Falls Carnival Zimbabwe Fully

Vic Falls Carnival
Written by Denise Chido

The Vic Falls Carnival Zimbabwe is back and this year promises to be another banger. You should expect unbridled fun during the event.

Prior editions of this carnival were held over New Year’s Eve but 2022 is different because the carnival takes place in April.

However, your fun depends on several things which you should get right from the beginning.

To avoid disappointment, See Africa Today has a survival guide to help you tackle this monster festival.  Please keep in mind this is a no under 18 event.

Your New Year party at the explosive Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

Good moments at the Vic Falls Carnival. Photo/Victoria Falls

What is Vic Falls Carnival?

The Vic Falls Carnival Zimbabwe is a three-day celebration of music and is an event packed with activities. In-between the music, you can go on game drives, party on the train, and participate in other adrenaline-filled escapades.

Buying Tickets

You will need tickets to enter the Vic Falls Carnival Zimbabwe, and these sell out very fast. The Vic Falls Carnival website will have all the available tickets and how to pay for them. The early bird tickets tend to sell out faster as they are cheaper.

This is what you get:

1st Day  – A train ride party that stops in a secret location in the middle of the national park

2nd Day – Parties around the City

3rd Day – Admission to the Main Event Concert


3 DAY PASS: 29th, 30th April, and 1st May. $90

2 DAY PASS: 30th April and 1st May. $65

1 DAY PASS: 1st May. $50

However, if you want to add some adventure or luxury to your new year’s plans, I strongly advise you to consider travel packages. There are numerous options available depending on the country from where you are coming from. The list is available on the official Vic Falls Carnival website.

Typically, the packages include lodging, most meals, and, in some instances, transportation to Victoria Falls. You can:

Spend lavishly and celebrate the new year in style at the opulent Elephant Hills. Camping is available at Adventure Lodge. Or embark on a seven-day overland adventure!

The Vic Falls Carnival – Getting There

Victoria Falls is a well-connected destination, with flights to Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls Airport. International passengers can connect via Johannesburg using the following airlines:

• Fastjet

• Ethiopian Airlines

• Kenya Airways

• Air Zimbabwe

• British Airways

• Eurowings

• Airlink.

Victoria Falls is also reachable by road, via Zambia and Zimbabwe. The newly opened Kazungula bridge connects South Africa, Botswana, and Namibia. Additionally, some bus shuttles are available, although you need to reserve these in advance due to their popularity.

What You Should Bring to  Vic Falls Carnival?

Victoria Falls usually is hot, but April should be cooler than December. This is a reasonable warning to those travelling from colder climates: drink at least two litres of water every day.

Additionally, if you are taking an alcoholic drink, carry a bottle of water to stay hydrated and keep the party going. Botswana and Zimbabwe have undrinkable tap water which is why bottled water is recommended.

Malaria protection is necessary, and you can take malaria pills or use mosquito cream, coils, and candles. This is a personal decision between you and your physician.

For non-US, EU, and AU travellers pre-game will make your wallet much happier. Take some beers, coolers, and spirits with you, and the sting of $3 for a beer will be less noticeable.

Items to Add to Your Vic Falls Carnival Zimbabwe Checklist

Make sure you have the following in your checklist.

  • Two or more 5-litre water bottles, a sleeping sack, a blow-up mattress, a lamp, a pillow or pillows, and iPod
  • Charger for Phone Camera Sunblock Clothes Toiletries a towel
  • Food & Drink

You can bring your food to Vic Falls if your budget is tight. Consider it a typical camping trip and get just non-perishables and nothing that requires refrigeration.

You can bring the following snacks for your trip:

  • Fruit Rolls
  • Chips packets
  • Carrots,
  • pistachios, and
  • gummy bears

Africans adore braaiing (BBQing), and most campgrounds have BBQ facilities excluding self-catering[. There are numerous shops, fast food outlets, and restaurants.

Crocodile meat is a common delicacy in Zimbabwean restaurants, so if you are not an adventurous eater, double-check that you have chicken.

How to Dress

Anything that helps you stay cool. Temperatures are usually shy of 40 degrees, necessitating the use of lightweight, breathable textiles.

Also ensure that you have the following items for the Vic Falls Carnival Zimbabwe

  • A pair of sturdy closed-toe walking shoes.
  • Sandals or flip-flops that you’re not afraid to get dirty.
  • Evenings require a light jacket.
  • A swimsuit.
  • Sunglasses and a cap

You spend most of the day in shorts and t-shirts, and cover up with some light clothing at night.

As a general guideline, avoid packing anything valuable that would cause you distress if destroyed or stolen. The festival fashion elite will not be present to pass judgment on your clothing selections.

Your New Year party at the explosive Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

The performance stage set up at the Vic Falls Carnival in Zimbabwe. Photo/Vic Falls Carnival

Things To Do Throughout The Day At Vic Falls Carnival Zimbabwe

The Victoria Falls Carnival is a three-day event but not a 24-hour affair. This means that in between nursing your hangovers, you have the opportunity to tour a UNESCO World Heritage site within walking distance of your hotel! That is fantastic!

The most excellent way to experience the falls is to participate in one of the numerous adventure activities available.

Choose from white river rafting, bungee leaping, gorge swinging, and helicopter flights. If you wish to participate in the world-famous devil pool experience, make reservations well in advance. That is the one experience that is usually fully booked before you arrive in Victoria Falls.

Other less adrenaline-inducing activities include the following:

  • A sunset ride down the Zambezi River.
  • An excursion to Chobe National Park for the day.
  • Exploring the Victoria Falls National Park from either a Zimbabwean or a Zambian perspective.
  • The Livingstone hotel’s high tea.

I visited both sides of the border to witness the falls and recommend visiting the Zimbabwean side if forced to choose.

It is less expensive for SADC passport holders,  and you get much closer to the falls (really, pack camera protection), and the Zambian side of the river is not pumping at that time of year.

Allow yourself to go!

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