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An Airplane
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Direct non stop and layover flight

No confusion beats that of choosing a direct, non-stop, and layover flight. And it gets even trickier when you do not understand the difference between these flights.

Besides convenience, there is a travel cost aspect with each of them. So, as you plan your next trip – domestically and internationally – here’s is a guide to what is the best option.

What Is A Direct Flight?

More often than not, a direct flight is mistaken for a non-stop flight. There are cases where these terms are interchangeably used in the aviation industry but there is a huge difference.

With a direct flight, there is no changing of planes. You make your journey with one plane throughout the whole journey but with stops in several cities. More passengers board while others alight.

These stops are also crucial for refueling. In most direct flights, passengers do not leave the plane during its one or two stops.

The beauty of a direct flight is that it is less expensive.

An Airplane

A plane. [Photo/Diesel Plus]

What Is The Advantage Of A Direct Flight?

Direct flights are cheaper compared to non-stop flights reputed for their time saving aspect.

Although a direct flight makes one or two stops for refueling while passengers disembark and board the plane, it is equally time efficient.

The fear of losing your luggage is minimized as you do not change planes – comes with a single flight number.

What Is A Non-Stop Flight?

A non-stop flight makes no stop until it gets to its destination. They have a single flight number – same as that of a direct flight.

Non-stops flights are ideal when you are in a hurry or if you value time. It is not affected by airport delays such as refueling. It is always on time.

What Are The Benefits Of A Non-Stop Flight?

Non-stop flights are mostly a preserve for business travelers who value time with every fibre of their being.

Although a bit pricey compared to layover flights, it is all worth it. It saves on time and is not affected by airport inconvenience. You will never have to worry about missing luggage as is the case with changing planes.

What Is A Layover?

A layover flight is also known as a connecting flight. You will, ideally, change flights once or twice to reach your destination. Your first plane will make a stop at a certain city airport and you switch flights.

Connecting flights have more than one flight number and are cheap compared to non-stop and direct flights.

direct non stop and layover flight

A connecting Flight. [Photo/medium]

What Is The Benefit Of A Connecting Flight?

Besides saving travel costs by far, you also have a lot of time to stay off the plane and enjoy a few hours of your layover city. You can stroll the city, try out a certain dish in a hotel of your choice or catch some sleep at a hotel.

It is ideal for an adventurer as long as your schedule allows it.

Before booking a connecting flight, do some research of the city and find out things that may interest you.

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