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Africa Hospitality Consultants Make a Footprint in the Continent

africa hospitality consultants
Written by Teresa Mwangi

A beacon of innovation and excellence shines upon Africa’s hospitality industry with the unveiling of Africa Hospitality Consultants. This pioneering hospitality management consulting firm, founded on the bedrock of visionary leadership, sets out to revolutionize standards and propel the sector to unprecedented heights.

More than just a corporate entity, the consultancy embodies a collective vision and a fervent dedication to the boundless potential of African hospitality. Backed by a team of seasoned experts, the firm offers bespoke solutions tailored to address the distinct challenges confronting hospitality stakeholders across the continent.

What is Special About Africa Hospitality Consultants?

The Hague-headquartered hospitality firm rolled out a major move by launching a subsidiary hospitality consultancy in Africa. The Africa Hospitality Club came up as a result of Africa Hospitality Consultants being in the continent. Some of the unique characteristics of this prestigious networking hub is fostering collaboration, knowledge exchange, and professional advancement within Africa’s hospitality and tourism spheres. Beyond mere networking, the club cultivates a vibrant ecosystem, nurturing innovation and nurturing alliances.

africa hospitality consultants

Africa Hospitality Industry. Photo/PwC South Africa

What is Africa Hospitality Consultants Offering?

Complementing these groundbreaking initiatives is the debut of Africa Hospitality Magazine. It’s a premier publication delving into trends, best practices, and inspirational narratives within Africa’s hospitality landscape. Serving as a platform for thought leadership, the magazine provides an insider’s perspective on the dynamic realm of African hospitality.

Oudjah Simpa Fetter, the consultancy’s founder and Managing Director notes that it is big step for the firm to enter the African market.

“We are thrilled to unveil Africa Hospitality Consultants, the Africa Hospitality Club, and Africa Hospitality Magazine to the global stage,” Fetter said in a statement.

He added that his main mission is taking African hospitality industry a notch higher and giving stakeholders the right connects.

“Our mission is to propel the evolution of Africa’s hospitality industry, fostering connectivity among stakeholders while spotlighting the talent and ingenuity that define our continent.”

How Much is African Hospitality Industry Worth?

The African hospitality sector stands at a value of over $41 billion last captured in 202 and is poised for significant growth. Projections indicated there is a potential surge to $90 billion by 2026. Dominated by hotel and lodging establishments, the industry encompasses a diverse array of businesses, including restaurants, cafes, bars, and pubs.

Notably, the continent is witnessing a rapid expansion in the number of quick-service restaurants, both local and international franchises, with Nigeria’s organized fast-food sector alone estimated at $602.5 million and experiencing a robust 10% annual growth rate. Anticipated growth in the African hospitality industry is fueled by escalating demand for travel and tourism. Aware of this, Africa Hospitality Consultancy seeks to capitalise on the bolstered advancements in technology and digital infrastructure in this sector. They all facilitate easier operations and expansion for hospitality enterprises.

Which African Countries Thrive on Tourism?

South Africa, renowned for its picturesque national parks and wildlife, attracted over 14 million tourists in 2019. This contributed to over 3% to its economy through a staggering $9 billion expenditure within the country. Similarly, Kenya, celebrated for its diverse wildlife and savannah landscapes, welcomed over 2 million visitors. Its tourism exploits accounted for nearly 8% of its economy, serving as a vital foreign exchange earner.

Garden Route

The Garden Route shows some of the best coastal landscapes South Africa has to offer. Photo/ Just Globetrotting.

Although not traditionally associated with tourism, Nigeria hosts numerous festivals. Not to forget the popular Calabar festival, while its hotel sector thrives on business travel and visits by the Nigerian Diaspora. Senegal, with popular events like the Dakar Big Carnival and Dakar Music Festival, welcomed over 1.3 million tourists in 2017, generating $470 million or over 2% of GDP.

Ghana, home to the Afrochella festival, earned approximately 2% of its economy from tourism, with the sector representing a significant source of foreign exchange.

Subsequently, the advent of platforms like Airbnb and widespread internet access has simplified the search for holiday destinations, further fueling tourism growth. Additionally, African governments are increasingly proactive in promoting tourism, establishing dedicated agencies and engaging in international advertising efforts to showcase the continent’s diverse attractions to global travelers.


Africa Hospitality Consultants, the Africa Hospitality Club, and Africa Hospitality Magazine encapsulate the essence of African hospitality. Diverse, culturally rich, and dynamic. Together, they blaze a trail toward a future where excellence prevails, and possibilities abound.

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