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6 Epic Date Ideas in Dar es Salaam For Couples to Try

Date ideas in Dar es Salaam
Written by Abraham Odhiambo

What are some of the epic date ideas in Dar es Salaam for couples who are tired of the mundane and repetitive dates to try? First of all breathe it in; you made it to Tanzania’s largest city and one of the leading tourist destinations in the country.

It’s the holiday season and you probably travelled to this bustling city with your partner who you would love to take on a date. But do you know where to head to if you’re seeking a meaningful date? Well, worry no more because you just came to the right place. From adventurous activities and casual fun to party hubs, here are six epic date ideas in Dar es Salaam to try this holiday.

1. Visit the Famous Coco Beach 

When it comes to fun on the sand and under the sun, a trip to Cocoa Beach is always a fantastic option. Coco beach is a place where you and your date can enjoy clear view of the Indian Ocean, ships navigating to and from Dar es salaam port, the nearest island attractions and the far view of boats.

Coco Beach

Coco Beach. Photo/ The Wanderer.

The sunset view at Coco beach is breathtaking and you can also participate in interesting events such as parties and concerts in the evening. Visiting this famous beach especially during this holiday period is one of the date ideas in Dar es Salaam worth trying.

2. Take a Trip to Bagamoyo Town 

The name of the town Bagamoyo comes from the Swahili words “bwaga moyo”, meaning “lay down your heart”, a desperate expression by slaves who knew they faced uncertain futures here. Bagamoyo was once the embarkation port for slaves from the hinterland and is a place considerable significance to world history.

Bagamoyo Town lies some 75 kilometres to the north of Dar es Salaam and boast numerous attraction such as the Kaole ruins, the Old Fort, the Mission Museum and Livingstone Memorial Church. Exploring the attractions at Bagamoyo is one of the date ideas in Dar es Salaam to consider this holiday.

3. Watch the Sunset Over the Waters at The Slipway 

With its picturesque scenery, the Slipway is a waterfront playground that is perfect for an unforgettable first date. This is a place where you can watch the sunset over the waters as you wine and dine with your partner at one of the restaurants at the shopping centre.

With the palm trees swaying serenely in the breeze and fishermen wandering up and down the beach, a date here will be amazing.

Date ideas in Dar es Salaam

Watching the sunset over the waters at The Slipway is one of the epic date ideas in Dar es Salaam. Photo/ Tanzania Odyssey.

4. Explore the National Museum of Dar es Salaam

If you and your date are history lovers, then exploring the National Museum of Dar es Salaam should be on your bucket list. Here, you’ll get the opportunity to learn more about the history and culture of Tanzania while seeing the collections of antiques displayed at the museum.

The National Museum of Tanzania allows you to see history through the years in snapshots, see fossils discovered during excavations and learn more about the British and German colonial eras. Exploring this popular museum is one of the date ideas in Dar es Salaam for history lovers.

5. Grab a Drink at Level 8 Bar

Level 8

Level 8 bar. Photo/ Hyatt Restaurants.

No list of date ideas in Dar es Salaam would be complete without Level 8 Hyatt Regency. Spend a beautiful evening with your date in one of the most popular rooftop bars in Dar es Salaam. With 360-degree views of the city, you can chat and laugh over exotic cocktails.  Drinks are reasonably priced here.

6. Smell the Flowers at Dar es Salaam Botanical Gardens 

There are key moments in a relationship when flowers are especially deserved or appreciated, and one of them is during a date. Since flowers are a timeless and tasteful way to express your feelings and make your intentions clear, why not visit the Botanical Gardens in Dar es Salaam and smell the flowers there with your date.

This amazing garden boasts a collection of flora and fauna in a tranquil setting. Make sure you check out the scarlet flame trees, red hibiscus, purple bougainvillaea and blue jacaranda. A visit to the Botanical Gardens is one of the date ideas in Dar es Salaam you should try.

Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens. Photo/ Picking Up The Tabb –

Where Can I Take Someone on a Date?

  • Him up a museum
  • Go on a picnic
  • Hit the beach
  • Have a spa night
  • Visit the zoo or aquarium

What Should I Do During Date?

  • Create a strong first impression
  • Up your listening game
  • Be true to yourself
  • Don’t overcomplicate things
  • Complete your successful first date with the right follow-up such as a simple text message

What Is the Best Month to Visit Dar es Salaam?

The best time to visit Tanzania is from July to October when the country is at its driest. During this period, this is the period when the great river migration happens. All the parks also offer amazing wildlife sightings at this time as the grasses and bush are at their least dense.

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