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8 Most Expensive Malls in Lagos

most expensive shopping malls in Lagos
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After evaluating different factors, we generate a list of the most expensive malls in the Lagos area. As the quality of life in Nigeria is improving, the demand for high-end shopping malls is also increasing. 

Shopping malls provide a one-stop shopping experience for any product imaginable. They have evolved from being places people go shopping to being a lifestyle hub for entertainment with family and friends.

Being the most populous city in Nigeria, Lagos is fast expanding in terms of infrastructural growth. Not only do global brands flock to this retail capital, but it’s also popular for its myriad shopping festivals and a great portfolio of retail centers. 

Although the malls are expensive, visitors appreciate these malls for their high-quality brands and luxurious services. There may be other luxurious commercial centers in Nigeria; however, we are introducing the eight most expensive malls in the Lagos area below.

What are the Most Expensive Malls in the Lagos area?

1.Circle Mall

The Circle Mall

The Circle Mall. Photo/The Guardian News Nigeria

This is one of the most expensive shopping malls in Lagos. It has a parking lot that can accommodate up to 500 cars and is conveniently located next to the toll road, which attracts high traffic volumes in terms of consumers. One thing that makes the circle mall unique is that all the stores are built outside, surrounding themselves in a circle shape. The mall has offices, supermarkets, boutiques, cinemas and eateries.

2. The Lennox Mall

The Lennox Mall is a world-class state-of-the-art facility which features luxurious retail shop spaces, an elegant food court and restaurant, a serene relaxation spot, a nightlife entertainment area, and so much more. This premium shopping and lifestyle destination occupy approximately 5,000 sqm of retail space on multiple floors.

3. Ikeja City Mall

most expensive shopping malls in Lagos

Most expensive shopping malls in Lagos. Photo/Nightlife

Built in 2011, Ikeja city mall allows mainlanders to have fun without having to journey to the island. The mall comprises over 100 luxury stores, so Ikeja city mall is on our list of the most expensive malls in Lagos. Ikeja city mall is the first shopping mall on the mainland of Lagos.

People walk down the mall daily to explore its high-end retailers, such as the famous Shoprite Supermarket, Silverbird Cinemas, and many others. 

Ikeja city mall is also home to luxurious jewellers, banks, cafés, bars, restaurants, beauty salons, and an ice-skating arena. The mall also houses a whole massive food and a large car park space. 

4. The Palms Shopping Mall

most expensive shopping malls in Lagos

Most expensive shopping malls in Lagos. Photo/

The list of the most expensive malls in Lagos will not be complete without a mention of The Palms shopping mall. This luxurious shopping center in Lagos is located at Maroko Lekki; the mall is home to over 69 stores along with the iconic stores in Lagos, such as Shoprite, Game, Mango, KFC and a modern six-screen cinema.

The mall is trendy, and it attracts over 600,000 visitors monthly. It has a parking lot that can take up to 1,000 cars.

5. Novare Lekki Mall

Most Expensive Malls in Lagos

Most Expensive Malls in Lagos. Photo/KLS Consulting Engineers

The main shopping center in the Lekki, Lagos neighbourhood is called Novare Lekki Mall. High-end brands may be found in The Novare Mall’s clothing boutiques. The Novare Mall is home to megastores like Shoprite, Genesis Cinemas, and Game, among others. It is a sizable and expansive mall with over 100 stores and 1,000 parking spots.

There are still plenty of things to do if you ever tire of shopping. When you visit, you have many options thanks to modern amenities constructed in a welcoming and secure setting.

6. Maryland Mall

most expensive shopping malls in Lagos

Most expensive shopping malls in Lagos. Photo/allroundafrica

Maryland mall also called the big black box because of its outer design, is another expensive mall in Lagos. The mall comprises a cinema, shopping stores, bars, restaurants, food courts, virtual reality booths and ample parking space. The mall is home to over 50 stores, such as Shoprite supermarket, The Place, an Ice cream factory, Chicken Republic, Genesis Cinemas, etc.

It is located conveniently to serve the shopping and leisure needs of Maryland, Mende, Ikeja, Anthony and Ilupeju environs. The Maryland Mall is not crowded, hence it is a great place to go if you want alone time or want to host friendly events.

7. Leisure Mall

Leisure Mall

Leisure Mall. Photo/Poksipon

Also known as Adeniran Ogunsanya Shopping mall, Leisure mall is home to over 154 shops and has a parking capacity for 300 cars.

located in Adeniran Ogunsanya street at the Centre of Surulere, the mall has a range of retail stores that include FilmHouse cinemas, Shoprite, House of Tara, Coldstone Creamery, Barcelos, Polocity, KFC and so on.

8. Atlantic Centre

Located at Chevron Drive Lekki, the Atlantic Centre has a parking area accommodating approximately 450 cars. The mall is spacious and receives a weekly influx of 2,000 people. Although it is still relatively new, as some stores are yet to be open, the mall currently has a cinema, supermarket, eateries and a pharmacy.

Above are the 8 Most expensive malls in the Lagos area. Have you experienced the luxury of one of them? Hopefully, the top list of this article has brought useful information to you. If you ‌travel to Nigeria, please visit the above shopping centers.

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