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11 Reasons to Visit Ghana, the Gem of West Africa

Visit Ghana
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There are a lot of reasons to visit Ghana. Visiting this West African country is more about having an immersive experience than just doing the usual touristy things.

The nation greets you from the heart with a combination of its rich tradition, culture, pride, and hospitality. Ghana is full of untamed nature and stunning natural scenery.

Why Does Ghana Attract Tourists?

Although Ghana does not have wildlife reserves, It’s a fantastic way to learn about Africa! Discover a place full of surprises that offers something for many travellers. It provides a blend of bustling coastal cities, off-the-beaten-path natural vistas, and significant remnants of a turbulent past.

Ghana is home to an extensive network of national parks, historical and cultural sites. The typical leisure tourist route travels in a triangle from Cape Coast to Kumasi via Accra, stopping at the beaches along Cape Coast and the Kakum National Park.

Ghana summarises the hidden jewel of West Africa and will convince you ‌it’s not just about going on a wild African safari. In reality, there is a lot more waiting to be discovered.

What Should You Visit Ghana?

  1. Most Peaceful Country

Perhaps the only democratic nation in Africa with a history of stability and a strong economy is Ghana. It is a secure place to travel in all the weather. Low crime rates, no insurgency, and a very welcoming atmosphere for visitors characterise Ghana. Even when there are elections, peace reigns in this nation!

2. Visit Cape Coast Castle

Cape Coast Castle

Cape Coast Castle. Photo/Culture Trip

Cape Coast Castle, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was one of over 30 “slave forts” constructed along the country’s coastline by Dutch, Portuguese, and British traffickers.

The enormous white stone structure leads to the grim dungeons and the Door of No Return, where slaves were once chained and shipped to America.

A wonderful vegetarian eatery called Baobab Café provides scrumptious, nutritious smoothies and juices.

3. Cultural Diversity

Expect to be bombarded by the vibrant expressions of a culture that is rich in family values, ethnicity, and joy when you visit Ghana. Everything is based on symbolism, and colour is one reason to visit Ghana. Ghanaians’ joy in life is seen in the clothing and artefacts they choose. Many of Ghana’s handicrafts, including the kente weave, beadwork, painting, wood carvings, and pottery, seem to incorporate symbols or portray social values.

4. Cultural Festivals

Visit Ghana

Visit Ghana. Photo/Photo Quest Adventures

Festivals in Ghana are yet another occasion for communities to celebrate various facets of life and livelihood, from yams to waterfalls! With music, dance, drumming, and lots of food, music festivals, and traditional monthly celebrations, Ghanaians let loose and enjoy life. The river god is called upon at the Edina Bakatue Festival, a vibrant boat spectacle, to safeguard the people. 

The Odambea Festival is unique in these times of global civic conflict and uprising. Other annual celebrations include the Bridal Festival, the Rice Festival, the old Aboakyir deer-hunting festival, and the PANAFEST theatre event.

5. Great Music and Food

Ghana food

Ghana food. Photo/Breath List

Ghana is a very musical country. Dance, music, and drumming are dramatic expressions of joy. Any reason to rejoice with music and drumming is acceptable. Singing traditional melodies with a drummer are more of a celebratory expression. choral music is only played in concert halls and churches.

Another reason to visit Ghana, its citizens have extensively covered their food and culinary scenes. The major components include yam, maize, beans, cassava, plantain, and rice. The seasoning and effort into the myriad flavours that touch your taste buds ‌make the dish so well-known. Try street meals and snacks to experience Ghanaian cuisine in its most authentic form.

6. A Tropical Paradise

Ghana is a tropical haven with waterfalls everywhere, sweeping mountains, and powdery white beaches. Great hiking, surfing, and canoeing excursions are possible because of the enormous biodiversity and stunning sceneries. For its waterfalls and caverns, the Volta highland area is a must-visit.

In Ghana’s three magnificent national parks, thousands of animals and unusual birds may also be found: Kakum, Bia, and the Mole National Park. Ghana has tapped into this rich natural resource via community-based ecotourism programs. Examples of village-based conservation are the natural hippo sanctuary of Wechiau, the monkey sanctuaries of Tafi-Atome and Boabeng Fiema, and the butterfly sanctuary of Bobiri.

7. Beaches and Water Adventures

Ghana is home to beautiful beaches. The beaches are fantastic for yachting, water skiing, sport fishing, or surfing. Beaches like Ada beach offers birdwatching whereas Cocoloca beach is great for whale breeding and migration. Fete beach offers privacy amidst nature. Kokrobite beaches have a lively party atmosphere.

8. Discover local artisans and craftspeople

Ghana Crafts

Ghana Crafts. Photo/Dwell Ghana

One of Ghana’s national clothes, Kente, was once special wear for kings and queens, but it is now much more common. The interwoven fabric with abstract designs, traditionally linked with the Ashanti people, is frequently mass-produced. There are also folk weavers all over the nation.

Another traditional fabric is called adinkra, adorned with symbols, each of which denotes a saying or custom. The finest location to purchase traditional clothing is in Kumasi, the Ashanti Region’s capital. New artisans are constantly emerging in the nation, creating new textiles and other works of art.

9. Greet the Chief in Tongo

Traditional shrines and Whispering Rocks are among the reasons to visit Ghana. The rocks are perilously placed on top of one another while the wind whistles through holes at the top. Traditional shrines and Whispering Rocks are both main features of the Tengzug Hills settlement of Tongo.

The chief’s palace, a sizable mud compound where some 300 members of his family, including his over 20 wives, live, is one of the area’s most intriguing sights.

It’s customary in the north to greet the village chief upon arrival and to explain your intentions before you explore. However, tourists must take care never to stand or sit taller than a chief.

10. Unique Adventures

Ghana offers a variety of hiking opportunities for both novices and ardent enthusiasts. Most hiking and walking tours take place in national parks and can be customized to include biking, culture, history, wildlife, and birding. The Volta Region offers waterfall hiking options where you can mix strenuous hiking with swimming in the surrounding natural lagoons. Other nature activities include nighttime “turtle walks” along the beach and guided hikes along birding trails.

Customized inland trips on traditional wooden dugout canoes or boats over rivers, lakes, and lagoons offer chances to get close to the ecosystem. Another unusual excursion is taking a canoe through the Amansuri marsh to the Nzulezo settlement, built on stilts for four centuries.

11. Budget-friendly, Less Touristy, and Warm Hospitality

Travelers have not yet fully explored Ghana. Since there are fewer tourists, expect to travel on a simple budget and get the best of your money. The Ghanaian people are known for their kindness and hospitality. So if you walk into a hotel, restaurant, or Ghanaian house, be prepared to be greeted with the common “Akwaaba.” 

The people of Ghana ‌will make you feel with faces adorned with smiles, bows, and divine hospitality.

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