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10 Magical Places to Spend Your Christmas Holiday in Africa | Christmas tour.

Christmas holiday in Africa
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For the second year in a row, coronavirus is here with us; the lessons are still rife. Amazingly though is that it does not dampen the spirit of the Christmas holiday in Africa.

From riveting adventures in the wild to laid-back lodges and resorts; all you need is covered.  Africa has everything you need to make life-long memories from your holiday.

So, if you are stuck wondering if or not to head down to Africa for a vacation this holiday, relax. This article highlights the top 10 spots for a splendid Christmas holiday in Africa.

Which are the Best Spots for Christmas Holiday in Africa?

Africa is unforgettable. It is a sure bet to splendour when it comes to travel, adventure, hospitality and fascinating culture. Here are the best places for a perfect getaway that is Christmas holiday in Africa.

Cape Town, South Africa

Christmas holiday in Africa

Lion’s Head Mountain [Photo by Reddit]

South Africa is a great tourism destination in Africa. And Cape Town is the tourism hub. First, the iconic Table Mountain welcomes you to this city.

Then there is Lion’s Head Mountain. This part of the mountain has a panoramic view of the city that is Cape Town and is part of Table Mountain National Park. The mountain is centred between Table Mountain and Signal Hill.

In the 18th century, gold was struck at Lion’s Head and mining commenced to a depth of about 30 metres. It was then closed a year later as the grade was too low and the depression created being filled gradually. About 90% of Lion’s Head is covered with endangered granite fynbos which eventually fades into the slopes of Signal Hill.


Christmas holiday in Africa

Fish River canyon. [Photo by Stingy nomads]

Adventure, action and adrenaline-rushing activities are not so hard to find in Namibia. It is a country blessed with all that defines success in the tourism industry. From beaches, marvellous desert life safaris, Namibia has it all.


The idea of a perfect tropical getaway involves grabbing your swimsuit and relaxing at a white beach surrounded by palm trees. And Seychelles features prominently in all this as a favourite spot for the Christmas holiday in Africa.


Christmas holiday in Africa

Top Boutique Hotels In Kenya You Should Visit

There are a dozen fabulous destinations in Kenya to decorate the memories of your Christmas holiday in Africa. From the famous Maasai Mara National reserve to the scintillating coastal life; Kenya is a perfect choice.

The giraffe manor and Nairobi National Park are great adventures to explore. Nairobi National Park prides on being the only African park in the city.


Cocoa is in the air. As the country’s cocoa harvest coincides with the celebrations, the country is in a festive mood. During the Christmas holiday in Africa, especially in Ghana, the air is scented with cocoa!

Participate in an outdoor parade led by musicians, or see youngsters perform a nativity play on Christmas Eve night. Traditional meals include stew or okra soup, yam paste known as fufu, and sorghum-prepared porridge.

If you want to spend your Christmas vacation doing something worthwhile, consider signing up for a volunteer program. To truly experience a new culture, you should take part in the local festivals while you’re there.


Christmas holiday in Africa

Exploring the Serengeti National Park where you will wake up early in the morning after breakfast and go for morning game drive – 4×4 Self Drive Kenya

For the Serengeti alone, South Africa deserves a top seat on matters Christmas holiday in Africa. Although Tanzania has a dozen other leading parks, none compares to the Serengeti where luxurious world-class lodges sit.


Christmas holiday in Africa

The sweet mbewa delicacy – Charlie Hartono

Malawi is among the least developed countries in Africa and among the smallest. However, it has a rich sense of culture. In fact, try eating ‘mbewa’ a local delicacy in Lilongwe, Malawi’s capital.


Christmas holiday in Africa

Zanzibar East Coast. [Photo/Dhow Inn]

If you visit Zanzibar, you’ll see some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. They are complete with gorgeous reefs for snorkelling and crystal-clear turquoise water.

But Zanzibar is more than just a beach vacation, making it a top destination for the Christmas holiday in Africa. Great restaurants, wonderful live music options. You will find many festivals within the city and its historic centre of Stone Town. Everything you need to know is right here.


Christmas holiday in Africa

Bisate Lodge in Rwanda. [Photo: Expert Africa]

Do you ever ask yourself why Rwanda is known as the land of a thousand hills? You have a chance to see it all for yourself.

Rwanda is also home to the world’s most luxurious lodge, Bisate Lodge. You still can take a gorilla trekking trip deep into Volcanoes National Park and Virunga National Parks.


Christmas holiday in Africa

Excursion at the Zagora Desert in Morocco [Anna Everywhere]

Morocco definitely has to be on the list. It is the most visited African country – Morocco’s landscape scenery is top-notch. They bring adventure and exciting escapades closer. Marrakech being the host to the Atlas Mountains gives the best mountain adventure.

The valleys surrounding it raises the bar with numerous exciting activities visitors can engage in. With all this, be sure of having an exciting Christmas holiday in Africa.

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