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10 Best Family Beach Resorts in Africa For You

Written by Teresa Mwangi

A trip to the beach is the best way to unwind after a thrilling safari and nothing is as good as the best family beach resorts in Africa.

Some of the world’s most beautiful beach resorts are in Africa. Envision calm, tranquil waters and the feel of smooth sand beneath your toes.

As far as beach resorts in Africa are concerned, Africa has some of the best. Some of them are regular haunts for a dose of pampering without shoes, while others are once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

So, you have a chance to make merry in these follow African resorts.

Tanzania’s Mnemba Island Lodge

Best Family Beach Resorts in Africa

Mnemba Island Lodge. Photo/Journeys By Design

Mnemba Island Lodge is highly regarded as one of the best family beach resorts in Africa. Mnemba is a stunning private island not far from Zanzibar. This lodge, managed by the high-end travel agency &Beyond, is a great choice for anyone seeking seclusion and exclusivity, as it can accommodate no more than 20 people at a time.

Cape Town’s Ellerman House

Best Family Beach Resorts in Africa

Ellerman House. PHoto/Natural World Safaris

Cape Town is not just a great place for a city vacation. It also has some great beaches, and the best place to stay is the Ellerman House.

Ellerman is a boutique hotel that has won numerous awards. With only 11 suites, this charming hotel is ideal for people who want to combine a beach getaway with a visit to the city.

Kenya’s Alfajiri Villas

Best Family Beach Resorts in Africa

Alfajiri Villas. Photo/African Mecca Safaris

Perhaps the most luxurious hotel on the entire coast of Kenya is found here. Alfajiri is great for families or parties wishing to unwind in supreme luxury.

Being one of the best family beach resorts in Africa, it has three magnificent villas, each distinctively decorated to an exceedingly high degree.

Zanzibar’s Zuri Quarter

One of the greatest beaches on the whole of Zanzibar is Zuri. In addition to the breathtaking scenery, the excellent service and delicious cuisine make this a must-visit destination. The live music provided by local performers every other night is a great addition.

Mozambique’s Benguerra Island

Best Family Beach Resorts in Africa

Benguerra Island. Photo/Wetu

Benguerra Island, a property in Mozambique run by &Beyond, is another outstanding option among the best family beach resorts in Africa.

Benguerra is well-known for its excellent diving and snorkeling, making it a fantastic destination for scuba divers. As an added bonus, it’s a great place to go deep-sea fly fishing. This lodge is one of our favorites because of its charming atmosphere.

Mozambique’s Azurite Lodge

Among the best in Mozambique, this beach lodge lies on Benguerra Island in the Bazaruto Archipelago. In order to get to the resort, guests must take a scenic helicopter ride. Of the hotel’s 14 rooms, suites and villas are the only ones with direct beach access.

Tanzania’s Baraza Resort & Spa

Best Family Beach Resorts in Africa

Baraza Resort & Spa. Photo/Travel Plus Style

The Baraza Resort and Spa is another fantastic Zanzibar hotel. Baraza, a resort on Zanzibar’s eastern coast, is large enough to offer a variety of services but intimate enough to feel like a home away from home.

The hotel’s decor, which has a heavy Arabic flavor, is extremely stunning. We think Baraza is the best beach resort ever!

Seychelles’ North Island

This lodge is the epitome of luxury on the Seychelles, which are all spectacular. Locations like Honeymoon Beach and West Beach Bar are skillfully scattered over the island, while the main lodge and guest rooms are located on the island’s eastern side.

Everyone at the YZ headquarters would love to travel to North Island because it is an incredible destination.

Mauritius’ Constance Le Prince Maurice

Best Family Beach Resorts in Africa

Constance Le Prince Maurice. Photo/Audley Travel

The Prince Maurice Hotel, situated on the tranquil northeast coast of Mauritius, is one of our top picks. In comparison to other hotels on the island, this one is surprisingly affordable because.

Seychelles’ Desroches Island

Desroches Island in the Seychelles features among the best family beach resorts in Africa.

Desroches, another private island, takes luxury to a new level with its stunning suites and villas. Each room has its own private garden, deck, and indoor/outdoor shower. This is the pinnacle of luxury lodgings.

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