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Here are 5 places to visit in the month of October in Nigeria

Here are 5 places to visit in the month of October in Nigeria
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The rainy season which starts from May to late November does not dampen Nigeria’s spirit of travel and excursion in different parts of the country. Here are the best activities to embark on in October.

Visit the Wikki Warm Springs

This magical spring at the Yankari National Park in Bauchi is the perfect destination for a warm dip. The water has a constant temperature of 31.1 °C.

wikki-warm-spring Nigeria

Wikki Warm Spring Nigeria. [Photo by Travel Notes]

Kayaking in Abuja

During the rainy season, the water level rises making kayaking such a fun-filled activity in Abuja.

Gurara Waterfall

Located less than two hours away from Lagos, Gurara Waterfalls in Niger state has a beautiful scenery heralded by birdlife and family picnics at the sidelines of the 30m tall falls.

Gurara waterfall Nigeria.

Gurara waterfall Nigeria. [Photo by smithsonian magazine]

Yankari National Park

It is home to Nigeria’s West African Lion which is an endangered species. Yankari National Park has the largest population of elephants at 150. Other animals at the park include buffalos, antelopes, western hartebeest and monkeys and over 350 species of birds. There are also two old caves which visitors tour for an expedition as well as a museum with Nigeria’s history.

Yankari National Park Nigeria

Yankari National Park Nigeria. [Photo by YouTube]

Atican Beach Resort

For a perfect sunset, head to Atican beach whose clear waters create a scenic spot in Lagos. The resort is modelled on a Caribbean-style with a lot of barbecues on offer.

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