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13 Tempting Nightclubs in Kampala You Must Visit in 2023

night club in Kampala
Written by Jesca

The Top night clubs in Kampala are a vibrant mix of fashionably-dressed people, swanky lounges, and thumping music that lasts until the morning. Kampala is a city that never sleeps, with parties occurring throughout the week. However, Wednesday nights are truly extraordinary – it’s ladies night. Women are permitted free entry into most clubs and can enjoy complimentary wines in some of these places. 

If you’re looking to let loose and party hard, Uganda has plenty of unique places to do just that. There’s something for everyone in this East African country, from exclusive clubs to vibrant street bars. Whether you want to sip cocktails with your friends or dance the night away in a live club, this guide will take you through some of the best places to go partying in Uganda. So grab your glitziest outfit and get ready for a night out – we’ll show you where to find all the fun hotspots.

Who Owns Club Governor Uganda?

Charlie Lubega is the man behind it and is also the owner of Sky Lounge & Pool Bar – one of Uganda’s best places to party. Located in Kampala’s capital city, this venue has everything you need for a great night out – from its beautiful outdoor pool to the tasty treats served by their professional chefs. There’s also live music every weekend and regular theme nights for more fun.

What is There to Do in Kampala at Night?

Places to go partying in Uganda’s capital are numerous, from sophisticated clubs to traditional outdoor venues. The nightclub scene in Kampala is vibrant and diverse, with something for everyone. Ugandans love to go out at night and experience these establishments for themselves – DJs proudly promote their own country’s sound.

At the same time, top musicians can often mingle with fans in some of Kampala’s trendiest bars and nightclubs. If you are looking for the hottest nightspots, here are some of the top places to go partying in Kampala.

1.  Club Silk

Top night clubs to party in Kampala

Club Silk in Kampala. Photo by BigEyeUG3

Club Silk, a sumptuous two-story venue is a go-to destination for Kampala’s nightlife scene. The club is divided into three distinct sections. They are Silk Royale, Silk Lounge, and Oxygen. Each has its DJ plus a state-of-the-art sound system delivering riveting beats to every corner of the dance floor.

In contrast to other clubs around town which do not permit it – smoking is allowed in the younger demographic-oriented area, which would be Silk Royale (think college-aged or even younger).

2.  Ange Noir Mystique

Mystique offers a more mature environment than Silk and is known for its chic interiors, intimate atmosphere, and cutting-edge music. Ange Noir is the perfect place for those looking to dance till dawn in style! It has attracted many of Kampala’s elite with its swanky interior decorations and designer drinks menu. The atmosphere is more upscale than other clubs, but the music remains cutting-edge and hip.

3.  Vault Lounge and Restaurant

Tp night clubs in Kampala

Vault Lodge and Restaurant in Kampala. Photo by Vault.UG

The list of Uganda’s best nightclubs and bars is complete with the mention of Vault Lounge and Restaurant. This lounge is renowned for its chic decor, sophisticated atmosphere, and exceptional music. Vault Lounge is a great place to party with friends as it offers an array of international dishes alongside a variety of drinks and cocktails. There are also TV screens where you can watch major sporting events while enjoying the ambience of this popular nightspot.

4.  Sky Beach

Located in the Kampala suburb of Muyenga, Sky Beach is one of Uganda’s most popular beachfront nightclubs. The outdoor setting makes it a great place to hang out and enjoy the stunning views over Lake Victoria while dancing to some of the hottest DJs that Kampala offers. There is also a wide selection of drinks, snacks, and barbeque available for patrons to enjoy throughout the evening.

5.  Gatto Matto Lounge

Gatto Matto night club Kampala

Gatto Matto. Photo by Groupe g12

Gatto Matto is among the top night clubs in Kampala. This lounge has a fantastic ambience and unique design that combines contemporary and traditional Ugandan designs. The club hosts several live shows, events, and DJs that cater to all tastes. Gatto Matto also boasts an extensive cocktail and spirits menu for you to choose from.

6.  Club Ambiance Kampala

This popular Kampala spot is known for its energetic atmosphere and high-energy music. It appeals to all ages, with various music genres played throughout the night. Club Ambiance Kampala also has multiple bars, including an outdoor area, so there’s plenty of refreshment options available in case you need to take a break from dancing.

7.  Thrones

Long before Vault graced us with its presence, Thrones was the King of Kampala. This upscale club has beautiful live music performances and the occasional celebrity guest. Thrones also offer classic cocktails, premium spirits, and snacks for those wanting to refuel their energy between dance sets. Thrones is still a great place to go for a night out, with its two floors, dance floors and spacious outdoor areas.

8.  Drew & Jacs Bar And Restaurant

It is during the COVID-19 national total lockdown that saw the emergence of Kampala’s newest bar and restaurant, Drew & Jacs. Located in the heart of the city centre, this open-air rooftop terrace is a great spot for an evening out with friends. The menu consists of both local and international dishes accompanied by wines and spirits from around the world.

9.  Illusion

Illusion is one of top night clubs in Kampala located at the Acacia Mall. The club has two main sections, a VIP area, and an ‘open’ section, so you can decide what kind of night you want. With its state-of-the-art sound systems and regular events and shows, Illusion is worth checking out for a night of partying in Uganda.

10.  The Alchemist

Night clubs in Kampala

The Alchemist Kampala. Photo by Food Republic

Nestled atop Bandali Rise in the heart of Bugolobi, Alchemist boasts a loyal customer base that has remained steadfast over the years. Even amidst increasing competition from legendary establishments such as Vault and Thrones, this upscale venue continues to attract Kampala’s urban elite each weekend.

11.  The Qube

Occupying the top floor of Centenary Park, The Qube is a world-class club offering VIP packages and exquisite dinner menus. It has two separate areas. One is for those looking for a quieter evening out and the other for a livelier atmosphere with regular events featuring local and international DJs. Whether you’re looking to dance the night away or catch up with friends, The Qube is sure to have something for everyone.

 12.  La Paroni’s

Situated on Garden city rooftop, La Paroni’s is a unique establishment that offers something for everyone. The bar and club is one of the top night clubs in kampala. It has a relaxed atmosphere during the day, which turns into an upbeat dance party at night with its live DJ sets. La Paroni’s also serves various drinks and snacks to keep you going all night. La Paroni’s is renowned for its Sunday festivities known as “Chop Life Sundays” hosted by Kampala socialite Sheila Gashumba. Partygoers celebrate Fridays with the vibrant Best of Kampala nightlife events.

13. H2O – Kololo

H2O is one of the few clubs in Kampala to offer an indoor and outdoor experience. Located at Kololo, this club boasts a luxurious pool, sophisticated bar, and lounge area. The club has a lively dancefloor with regular events featuring local and international DJs. H2O also serves delicious dishes from their menu while you groove to the music.

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