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Adventure in South Africa’s Breedekloof Wine Valley

Experience the other side of South Africa’s Breedekloof Wine Valley


Travelling is therapeutic, they say, exploring South Africa’s valleys is very relaxing. The Wine valleys largely shape South Africa’s landscape and their popularity is unrivalled.

Breedekloof Wine Valley has turned out to be an attractive wine route destination dotted by rivers, mountains and executive restaurants with the best countryside food.

Breedekloof Valley is flanked by vineyards and wineries spreading to the majestic mountains above the valley and the view here is majestic and picturesque.

Mountain biking is a real affair in this part of South Africa with unforgiving mountain biking terrains but exciting ones. Hikers have a fair share of excitement at the mountain valley as they crisscross the forested areas of the mountain and onto stretchy vineyard lawns. There are plenty of birds in the valley, a reason for bird enthusiasts to visit.

The clear waters of Breede River are a source of livelihood for communities living around the valley in addition to an epic fishing zone for visitors. The clear waters from the river as ice-cold as snow from the mountain melts and flow here.

BreedeKloff Wine Valley extends its charm to lodges, camps, caravan sites and chalets offering luxurious accommodation at the vineyards or in the mountains surrounded by fynbos. The level of comfort and adventure in such a night setting cannot be underscored enough.

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