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Prepare Your Stay at the First Seven Star Hotel in Zanzibar

seven star hotel in zanzibar
Written by Teresa Mwangi

The Montuli will be the first seven star hotel in Zanzibar in a new plan to elevate the Island’s hospitality industry. It will be in Pemba Island and this is the first of its kind in re-inventing the wheel in strengthening the tourism industry in Tanzania.

Once completed, this establishment will be the pride of East Africa for setting new African standards in the hospitality industry.

Montuli Seven Star Hotel in Zanzibar

Montuli is the first seven star hotel in Zanzibar to stand in Pemba Island which is one of the small islands in the archipelago. Sharif Ali Sharif, the executive director of Zanzibar Investment Authority (ZIPA), disclosed Zanzibar’s plan to build this prestigious hotel, as reported by The Citizen.

Sharif insisted that there is a lot going on in expanding Zanzibar’s tourism. He lauded Zanzibar President Hussein Mwinyi for taking lead in initiating such a mega project.

seven star hotel in zanzibar

Pemba Island in Zanzibar.  It is famously known as the ‘Green Island’ Photo/Kenya Wildlife Tours

“We have many exciting developments on the horizon, but one stands out in particular: the arrival of East Africa’s first-ever seven-star hotel on Pemba Island. Let’s commend President Hussein Mwinyi for his visionary leadership in making this happen,” the ZIPA executive director stated.

Who is Developing The Montuli in Zanzibar?

Hussein Muzamir is the investor behind the construction of seven star hotel in Zanzibar. Muzamir is optimistic that this new project will open up more opportunities for the tourism sector in this archipelago.

He further noted that Zanzibar has investor-friendly policies enabling the development of multi-million-dollar project.

“The attractive policies and enabling environment on the island attracted us to invest million dollars in this project, which will create 200 jobs upon completion,” he stated.

Montuli will add to the ZIPA’s effort in the last three years of creating 17,000 jobs through 296 projects totaling $4.5 billion. Out of these 296 projects, 112 are directly in the tourism sector.

What Does a 7 Star Hotel Have?

A 7 star hotel is associated with luxurious and opulent accommodations that go beyond the typical five-star offerings. Expect the upcoming seven star hotel in Zanzibar to provide an unparalleled level of service, amenities, and exclusivity.

Guests can expect lavish and spacious suites equipped with the finest furnishings and state-of-the-art technology. Private butler services are often a hallmark, offering personalized assistance and ensuring every guest’s needs are met promptly. The hotel’s architecture and interior design are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, reflecting sophistication and elegance.

Dining experiences at a seven-star hotel are exceptional, featuring world-class restaurants helmed by renowned chefs, offering a diverse range of culinary delights. Exclusive lounges and bars provide a sophisticated atmosphere for socializing and relaxation.

Wellness and recreation facilities are typically top-notch, including luxurious spas, fitness centers, and possibly private pools or beach access. A seven-star hotel may also offer unique and extravagant experiences, such as helicopter transfers, private yacht charters, or access to exclusive events.

Exceptional attention to security and privacy is a priority in these establishments, ensuring a discreet and secure environment for high-profile guests. Overall, a seven-star hotel provides an extraordinary and unforgettable experience, setting new standards for luxury and indulgence in the world of hospitality.

Pemba Island

Pemba Island.  Plans are underway to build East Africa’s first Seven-star hotel here. It will be named The Montuli. Photo/ Uroadventure.

How Does a Hotel Qualify for 7 Star?

As stated earlier, a seven-star has its hallmark on luxury and opulence. However, there are a few other things that make up these status. One of the main criteria in having a hotel get such status is that it must be in a prime location mostly cities. The structure must be uniquely iconic which is one of the most stunning features you will see in the seven star hotel in Zanzibar. Also, expect it to have more suites than rooms.

Pemba Island isn’t a city per se but it is one of the top tourist spots in Zanzibar. The island holds a treasure trove of beauty and experiences waiting to be discovered. Popularly known as the ‘Green Island’, Pemba has scenic views of rolling hills draped in verdant clove plantations, coconut groves, and thick mangroves. All these adds to the natural beauty of the island.

In addition, it is more serene with pristine beaches with acres of white sandy beaches.

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