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Skip Layovers and Fly Directly from Russia to Tanzania!

Written by Teresa Mwangi

Russia Tanzania direct flights are no longer a pipe dream as the two countries look at giving a new face to bolstering tourism.

Tanzania remains a great destination for Russian travellers due to its rich culture and the Island of Zanzibar. Russian tourists make up the bulk of annual Tanzanian arrivals with Zanzibar and the Serengeti being their prime destinations.

The two nations are now looking at other ways to have meaningful bilateral relations.

When Will Russia Tanzania Direct Flights Resume?

Andrey Avetisyan, the Russian Ambassador to Tanzania says that they are engaging relevant authorities on the matter. Russia is currently in talks with the Tanzanian government and the Tanzanian Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) to re-establish Moscow-Dar es Salaam direct flights.

Avetisyan intimated that Moscow is looking to establish charter flights between the two countries before re-launching regular commercial flights. Once bilateral talks with TCAA are complete and a deal signed, then, direct flights from the Russian capital to Tanzania will come to materialize.

Air Tanzania

Air Tanzania. Photo/The Citizen

The Russian envoy to Tanzania underscored that Russia Tanzania direct flights will shore up the number of tourists visiting this East African country. He explained that the numbers dipped in 2020 following the Covid-19 pandemic and they are yet to get back on track.

Currently, Russians travelling to Dar es Salaam use connecting flights to Oman, UAE, Turkey and Ethiopia which is strenuous. However, a direct flight cuts down on time travel between Moscow and Dar es Salaam.

Where Should Russian Tourists Visit in Tanzania?

Tanzania is greatly endowed with breathtaking sceneries and stunning natural beauty. The Swahili culture trickling down to how people relate and what they eat is also fascinating for Russian tourists travelling to this East African country.

Here are 10 amazing places Russian tourists should visit in Tanzania.

  • Zanzibar
  • Stone Town
  • Ngorongoro Crate
  • Lake Manyara
  • Mount Kilimanjaro
  • Arusha National Park
  • Serengeti National Park
  • Tarangire National Park
  • South Dar es Salaam

In terms of tourism, Russia wants to learn more about the allure of Arusha, which is located in northern Tanzania and is home to the famous Mount Kilimanjaro. Last year, Frederick Kibuta, a representative for Tanzania in Moscow, met with Ammosov Petr Revaldovich, a lawmaker in the Russian parliament.

Revaldovich and Kibuta talked about strategies for creating a new network of tourism partnerships between Tanzania and Moscow. Kibuta was exploring options for Russians to travel to East Africa, Northern Tanzania in particular.

The Russian legislator said that Russia was left isolated after travel sanctions by the US following its Ukraine invasion in February. As a result of the trade and travel sanctions by Europe, and the US, Tanzania is turning out to be a fantastic tourist spot for Russian tourists.

Tanzania is now an alternative destination for Russians who still want to enjoy their vacations outside of Russia. Revaldovich wanted Tanzania to create a conducive environment for Russian tourists planning to take their holidays in the Kilimanjaro area.

What is Russia Offering Tanzania?

Russia Tanzania direct flights only add to the basket of stronger trade between Moscow and Dodoma. Worth noting is that there is a working Russian Cultural Centre in Dar es Salaam. It offers cultural exchange while also promoting Russian culture. Tanzanian artists are frequent guests to the centre for various art and creative exhibitions.

Russian Tourists in Tanzania

Russian Tourists in Tanzania. Photo/Tanzania Times

This cultural centre regularly holds Russian-based activities like showing Russian films and putting on photo exhibits in various regions of Russia. The intent behind this is to tell visual stories about the largest country in the world.

In this breath, Moscow is optimistic it will host a huge Tanzanian delegation during Russia-Africa Summit slated for July in Saint Petersburg.  A variety of events, including youth conferences and forums on business and culture, will be held in conjunction with the summit.

This comprehensive event will offer numerous chances for Russians and Tanzanians to meet and form connections. Generally, the intent of the summit will further bolster trade and economic ties between the two countries.

For instance, Tanzania takes many of her students to fly to Russia to study medicine because the need for physicians is growing. Many Tanzanians study at Russian medical universities every year which is a result of Tanzanians receiving government scholarships from Russia. Moscow is set to increase scholarships to 120 from the current 90 in line with the mutual trade ties it is fostering.

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